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18 January 2009

First Post

I'd never even read a blog until a couple of days ago. Came across one, the daughter of someone i know. She'd mentioned it in her Christmas letter. It was interesting, detailing the quest of she & her husband to get healthier with the South Beach Diet.

The second one i came across when trying to look up an old professor of mine.

For me, this blog will be a combo of trying to do a journal of our lives & keep track of things that happen; a record of our journey to have a family, whether we have our own, adopt, foster, or decide our family is complete without children. Also, i hope to lose weight, & handle the realities of cooking healthier as i also become healthier in general. I'll probably throw in stuff about our cats, my thoughts on my faith, my struggle with chronic illness, our home, oh, all kinds of things.

I should have started this a year ago, just before we bought our house. We call our home "Sugarbear" because it is in a small area between Bear City & Sugarloaf (divisions of the greater Big Bear area). A year ago we were in escrow, & took possession on 30 January. I'll write about Sugarbear another time.

I'm not really expecting anyone to read this blog, but if you do & want to check out our pics, they are at


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