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18 February 2009

Going home soon

Finished with my 11 AM client. Waiting for Duane to come for me because we are leaving direct from here.

The following is a quote attributed to Thomas Jefferson:

A government big enough to give you everything you want, is big enough to take away everything you have.

I think it is pretty accurate for our country these days. Big government is a recipe for trouble.

There is a push, currently, on one of the blogs i watch, to sponsor children thru a program called Compassion International. As far as i can tell, there are no children in their program in THIS country to sponsor. It seems to me that there should be plenty of intercity children & those in the "back woods" of the Appalachian mountains & other places in the country who need to be sponsored as well. Most of the profiles i read for the children of CI have a two parent family & both parents work. While i have no doubt these children need assistance, i would feel much better starting in my own country first.

I'm sure there are some such programs, i just need to work to find them. It sometimes just is confusing to me to see someone go half way around the country to help folks when then ones in their back yard are just as much in need.