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10 March 2009

The Girlfriends

Well, i did absolutely nothing productive yesterday. Except stay in bed & heal. My girlfriends (GFs) reminded me that that IS productive!

I don't know what i'd do without the GFs. God has blessed me so. We're an eclectic group who met online thru a natural health website. About 18 months ago we began emailing back & forth & became a cohesive group who really love & support one another. We've 3 RNs, an educator, a dance teacher, a retailer, a stay at home mom who works at home, (& me). We've someone in New Zealand, in Australia, Northern CA, West Virginia, South Carolina,
two in Maine, (& me). We've 2 deeply committed Christians, someone rather New Age, an Atheist, & the others who don't really comment on beliefs much (& me!). We used to have a ninth GF who left us because we are so diverse & not very malleable to what she thought we should be. We've several of us with disabilities of one form or another, & several with very bad experiences with the medical field - & one with very good experiences who keeps us in balance. We've carnivores, an extreme Vegan, & a mostly vegetarian (me). Most have children, some grandchildren, a couple of us are childless. We range in age from mid-30 to mid-60.

We are the most unlikely group ever put together. And we love each other. And i thank God daily for belonging to such a group. The wealth of info & common sense these ladies have is a treasure, also the sense of humor we bandy around. All three of the RNs have experience & knowledge of the conventional medical system, but they also are a wealth of natural health. I just can't praise these wonderful ladies enough.

What i find particularly remarkable about this group is hard to explain. When the Internet first came into being, i think some of us saw it as a way to connect to loved ones better. Kind of an "Ah, now that it is easier - no letter to write, envelope to address, stamp to find - i'll hear from X more often." Maybe others have found that so, but i have not. People i dearly love do send me things. They send me jokes & anecdotes & stories & pictures, but 99/100 times they don't add any personal note at all. Not even "thinking of you" tho i suppose they are since they added my name to a list of others. I haven't found that it furthers my relationship with these dear ones at all.

But the GFs share deeply of their lives. Some have actually met in person & we all hope to meet someday. We may disagree with each other on issues, but we still love each other. I suppose in some ways it isn't so unexpected. People find other people online who use the Internet in the same way, & so connect. Still, i think it is a wonderful resource, a fabulous group, & one of my greatest blessings.


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Amrita said...

Loved reading about the GFs. Such a precious group of gals.

My life also has been greatly enriched by my buddies.Irs so amazing that we belongs to varied cultures, economic backgrounds and faiths can connect together.

Hope you are feeling better Kathy.