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21 March 2009

He's coming home!

Yesterday Duane took a "play day" & went down the hill to visit with a friend.

Joseph (& wife Michelle) live 2 hours away, in almost the opposite way from where we go to work in OC, & so we don't see them often. Still, we are thrilled they are 2 hours away, because for 3 years they lived in No. California 12 hours away.

So he was gone all day yesterday & stayed the night. Which was fine with me. I'd rather not have him driving mountain roads late
at night, even if it is not icy any more. He called just before 8 this AM, on his way, so he should be home any minute.

Tomorrow we have Fellowship at church. This church is rather unique, it goes far beyond the usual coffee & donuts. The ladies take turns bringing all manner of things. The church keeps crackers, cheese, & cold meats on hand. The ladies bring cookies, cakes, pies, mini meatballs or franklets (usually in BBQ sauce in a crock pot). Since my advent at the church, there is usually a tray of raw veggies & often a bowl of cut fruit. I don't eat meat or anything made with wheat/gluten. It is mostly just snack food, but a nice time to visit with other church members/guests. Then, about 4 times a year we have a pot luck.

Some things about this have issues for me. As a somewhat ecologically aware person, the amount of trash produced bothers me a lot. There is not much i can do about it, except i keep small plates at the church so that Duane & i don't use the paper products. The kitchen has a number of mugs, & when i drink hot tea (we don't drink coffee) i get a mug. Then just wash these things up afterward. Lots of folks agree it is a good idea, but i don't see anyone else doing it. Still, i don't contribute to the paper waste.

Duane's home!!! Cutting this off.

Have a good day. Happy Party to all those involved. Thanks for visiting.

Shepherd in the Pines Lutheran Church
Big Bear Lake, California



David said...

yum yum fellowship

Oingo boingo at

~~gail~~mooselovingmamabear said...

I love "fellowship"; we are using "real" plates, cups, cloth napkins and silverware at our church now. It cuts down the cost but more importantly, the waste in our landfills. Thanks for stopping by my blog...and I posted the "duck" story just for you... :)