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14 March 2009

Late at night

David, @ Sugarloaf Mountain, did a sky image. It made me think of this one Duane did. We were on our honeymoon, & he said to me, "Stand still," & got right up in my face. I didn't know what he wanted until i saw the result. This is it.

Can't sleep. Was going to sleep & was interrupted, so i'm awake for a while. Have been having some difficulty adjusting to Daylight Savings Time. Have been sleeping late in the AM (for me) but falling asleep late too. I was trying to break that pattern, but oh well. Both cats are sleeping with us, which is rather unusual. They sleep on the bed during the day, but not usually at night.

For some reason, an old '70s song by Player, "Baby Come Back," has been going thru my head. I've always hated that song, & wish it would go away. (I really hate 95% of 70s music.) The others that have been cropping up have been just as bad. What is going on?

Also, a memory came up. I used to do a lot of babysitting as a teen. I started when i was 12. In Montana, you can get a driver's permit at age 14-1/2, & a license at 15. Which i did. So at 15 i had a "regular" family i babysat for. I loved those little boys. And i drove myself back & forth to their house. Dr. C, the husband was a veterinarian. But he never picked me up or drove me home, & i didn't feel very comfortable with him. It was his wife i dealt with mostly.

Both he & his wife were heavy drinkers. They started before they went out, continued thru their dinner & whatever else they did, & finished off with more at home. I was happy NOT to have them drive me. (I took care of the younger son during a local parade that Dr. & Mrs. C rode in, as well as the older son, who was 5. When the parade was over there was a picnic at the fairgrounds, & Dr. C was giving his 5 year old son part of his beer. They started 'em young!)

For some reason, the year i was 17, my dad got a bee in his bonnet about me driving on New Year's Eve. He made Dr. C come & get me & bring me home. It was really weird, after i had been working for them for 2-1/2 years & never had them drive me, to have them do it that night. Besides, as i said, i was very uncomfortable with Dr. C.

I suppose my dad had just heard some report about either teenage drivers, or drinking & driving/drunk driving on New Year's Eve. I protested a lot, but he didn't listen to me. Looking back i don't think i explained the situation well. What my dad did was take me out of a car, sober & trying to avoid drunk drivers (it was very rural, back roads i drove & rarely even met someone on the road) & put me into the car with a drunk. How was that an improvement???

In his defense, i doubt i ever told them how much those folks drank. I guess i was afraid if they knew they wouldn't let me work for that family. So i probably didn't explain my reasons well, but i honestly think they should have trusted me on that. Dr. C never did anything inappropriate, but my discomfort with him was something i could live with given that i was only around him in his wife's presence. What if my discomfort meant something & my dad put me in a car with a drunk who was inappropriate? But then, my family didn't have very good communication skills & didn't trust or listen to each other.

Oh well, it didn't happen, & i made it home safely. I'm not even sure why that's on my mind now. It was long, long ago.

Think i'll sleep now.


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Michelle said...

I like the picture you took with your sunglasses, very cool!