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28 March 2009

Not much, this 'n that

Often, in the mountains, there are days when the sky seems impossibly blue. Yesterday was one of those days, & we have one again today. We have a tiny amount of snow still in the back yard, in the shadow of the neighbor's house. But today the high is suppose to be near 60 F. Low last night was 23F.

I'd been wanting to post "Sugarbear in the early Spring" pics, but the only ones i had were from when we bought the house (just over a year ago) when the house was still blue. So i went out this AM to take pics. These don't show how deep blue the sky is because i was looking toward the sun.

I need to get out & finish painting the trim soon. We only got some of it done before it was too cold last fall. I was also disappointed to find that some of the paint hasn't weathered as well as i hoped, but that's ok, i'll be painting anyway.

(My connection is driving me nuts today. None of the pics want to go where i want them, & the connection is slow. It has to stop & "think" for several seconds every time i as it to do something.)

In the first pic, my apple tree on the left hand side. The peaches are on the left, but you can barely see them. This last pic is of one of my tiny, scraggly lilac bushes. The other one is just slightly bigger at the other corner of our property. This isn't very clear, (it will enlarge if you click on it) but winter was very hard on these. About 1/3rd of the branches is broken. On the other hand, the evergreen bushes (in the top pic behind the apple but hardly noticed) were much compressed by the snow, but seem to have bounced back with no problem.

Duane is down the hill today, which is fine, except he was coming down with a cold. I'd been giving him fairly high doses of vitamin D along with other herbals, & it might have been helping some. Also foods like tangerines, & pumpkin seeds, & banana. I hope he's ok. I told him i could go to drive, but he thought he'd be fine. And so he was, sitting down. But when he gets up he begins to feel unwell again. He said, fortunately, most of his duty today would be sitting, not running around a lot. And he did tell the others he was ill. That sounds good, but i know Duane & he will drive himself hard. So, send up your prayers for his safety. He plans to come home tonight.

Fortunately for us, my office is closed on Monday. That didn't necessarily mean I was closed, but with no one to answer phones & no one scheduled, i wasn't going to be getting work. So we plan to stay home, & if either of us is ill, stay home for the week.

No baby for us this month.


A few of the bloggers are recommending "Blitz Friday." It is where you dedicate an hour to working on a section of the home to get it looing really good. I didn't "blitz" on Friday, but i did this AM. Working on the kitchen. I didn't take before & after pics as someone did. For two reasons, one i would be too embarrassed of the "before" & secondly, i forgot until i was quite a way into it. I worked for 55 minutes before getting overwhelmed.

Overwhelmed happens to me a lot when working on the house. I got one corner well cleaned & quite a few of the waiting dishes done before i called a break. I plan to spend another hour on it again. Also more laundry, more making water (we use a distiller), & grocery shopping. This last one was a mistake. When you live in a resort town, grocery shopping on the weekend is a No-no. The ones who plan well do their shopping Thursday or before. I didn't plan so well this weekend. So i need to do in town things. In fact, my list of things to do is so long it could take all week!

Hope y'all are having a nice day.



Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog....You need to go back and enter...There are still 2 hours left...and who knows I may give more prizes....

Will come back and read more later.


David said...

i had a good day with my mom

Amrita said...

Very nice pictures Kathryn. Have a good week ahead

Rosemary said...

Hello! It looks lovely where you are - I have to admit that when I hear the name Big Bear I tend to think of this soap opera I used to watch in my misspent youth - the rich/beautiful family would go to their cabin (more like a log mansion) in Big Bear!

Hey, consider yourself as having a victory getting at least part of your to-do list done! I know what you mean about blitzing something but feeling overwhelmed, I hear you sistah. I spent an hour going through the fridge and cabinets and pantry just getting rid of junk. It was so cleansing in a way, but I thought - how did I get it this way???

Sorry to ramble, I tend to do that.

On a more serious note, I am truly sorry that it is no baby this month. I really am, I've been there and there isn't anything anyone can say to make it feel better, but I can still wish that there was something I could say.

Would a big cyber hug help? It's the least a retired super hero can do.

Rosemary said...

Hello - me again - I had to search the 'net to find the soap I was thinking of - it was the Bold and the Beautiful. Whenever somebody was "escaping" their fabulous, glamorous life because they'd fallen in love with: a) their father-in-law, b) their brother-in-law, c) the family chaffeur, and d) their father-in-law (again) - they would go to the Forrester cabin at Big Bear. Almost always a blizzard would be bearing (no pun intended) down upon them so that the despondent one (naturally ten months' pregnant - snicker) would be snowed in with the object of her affection who would just so happen to be able to deliver the baby just fine.

Oh my gosh, searching for that was fun! I may have to watch the show again sometime, I'm sure I could catch up in one episode for the past twelve years!