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23 March 2009

Ok, This is Funny

Earlier today i was writing about Jealousy. And i mentioned the Pioneer Woman's blog. First let me say that she deserves her following. She is witty, funny, & a wonderful photographer.

But, in my jealousy, i thought, "She could write about dirt & people would say she's wonderful!"

Well, guess what she did today? One of her posts is about dirt! So check out About that Dirt. !!! She gives a lot of info, she's talking about preparing to garden. And, yes, i checked her about 10 minutes after it was posted, & she already had 50 responses. (She now has 178.) Yes everyone thinks she's wonderful. And she is. So if you ventured here by accident, go on over & check out one of the most droll, wittiest women on the planet.



carma said...

Dang! Maybe I need to start writing about dirt instead of cat dissection ;-) stopping by from UBP to say "hi" - party on!

Katy said...

Me too! My next post will be about dirt! I think I can definitely tie that in to feng shui :)

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

That is funny! Thank you for stopping by for a visit. When I return from my bloggy break I promise that none of my posts will be about dirt. :)

Linda said...

Too funny! Thanks for the link. I hadn't been to Pioneer Woman before.

Second Story Creations said...

I'd much rather read your posts than learn about dirt. I came to the right place for sure!