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16 March 2009

We Have a Name For That

Yeah, we sure do. It's called self-pity.

I was feeling sorry for myself this AM. It feels like i've failed in so many ways. And so i was touting them up & going over them today.

I realize that this is a form of narcissism. Most folks think that being narcissistic means being self-involved in a weird, egotistic way. But the inverted form of that is depression & focusing on self-negatives.

I believe that God requires me to acknowledge my shortcomings, but then take a deep breath & do my best TODAY. It is too easy to let yesterday's failures become today's failures by focusing on the past.

Yep, i fail, i fail on a daily basis. But that doesn't mean hiding my head in the sand (or under the covers) for the rest of my life. Try to do better.

Fortunately, for me, it (the self-pity/depression) is short-lived. I knew it would be better by tomorrow, wait it out, but it is better by this afternoon. Thank you God!


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Amrita said...

Dear Kathy, you are letting the Holy search your heart, you are opening yourself before Him. He will answer your prayer and bless you