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19 April 2009

Somewhat creative (Give AWAY!)

When friends or family have babies, one of the standard things i make are bibs. I learned how to do these long ago.

Kmart sometimes has fingertip/guest towels (not hand towels, they're too big) on sale, i purchase quite a number. Before the holidays they are usually $1-2 each, after the holidays i have found them for 2/$1 or even 4/$1. They aren't high quality, but they do the job.

These on sale are often decorated with embroidery for Halloween, Thanksgiving, or Christmas. But most folks don't want that year round, so where the decoration is i cut the hole for the head. I have on hand t-shirt ribbing like around the top of a t-shirt. This i sew in a circle, double the fabric, & sew it around the hole in the towel so that the towel now has a "collar." Essentially the bib is now done. On the boys' bibs i often put an iron-on applique. The girls i sometimes get a bit more involved, adding lace &/or ribbon.

I've been planning to make these for Dean & Megan, but they choose not to know the sex of the baby in advance, so i couldn't put them in with my shower gift. (Did not attend shower.) If Meredith had been a boy i had a set (i usually give 5) ready. But she's not. So today i sat down & did these. They are kind of in here willy-nilly, 'cause i'm having some trouble getting blogger to cooperate with me.

This second set are the ones i already had for a boy. We haven't anyone else expecting right now. Don't know what to do with them. If you'd like them, or know someone who would, email me! A Give Away. If i can't find someone who wants them i'll donate them to the church yard sale. Duane's cousin tells me she was still using them on her older boy at age 4. So i guess they are holding up fine & the hole for the head is big enough.



Rosemary said...

These are so adorable. I love them and yes, my sis-in-law used hers on the twins for as long as they held up or she could wrangle them over their heads (ha ha).

I had a hard time going to baby showers when grappling with baby want - I gave into taking care of me and not subjecting myself to putting on a happy face. Just my take on it.

Thanks for always writing something sweet on my blog - I am just so darn glad we got to "meet" on the ultimate blog party. Best thing that came out of it was getting to know you via your blog.

Kim H. said...

Those are precious! I love them!! I don't have a baby yet, but I'll have to buy some of them from you when that time comes :-)

Amrita said...

very pretty kathy.

Monica said...

Hi Kathryn. Please pardon the delay in responding to your request to join the Pablo Fan Club. Phoebe, Joey and I welcome you heartily. You will find the fan club pledge on the sidebar of our blog and a link to Pablo's blog at the top of the page. Pablo lives in Hobart Australia and is a great leader in the cat blogosphere. We hope you will also go to say hi to him on his blog.