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10 April 2009


The cats decided this AM that it was the perfect time to run, jump, & play (with the noiseiest items they could find), bounce on the bed & jump to the dresser! Not 8 AM, or 7 or 6. FIVE AM.

Have i mentioned i am not a morning person? LOL

Far back as i can remember i have never been a morning person. Since i don't remember much of my childhood, maybe at age 2 or 3 i bounced out of bed singing. But i know by the time i was 9 or 10 - starting a life long pattern - i crawled out of bed with toothpicks holding up my eyelids.

When i was about 15 i started a habit i used during the school year of getting up 45 minutes before i had to. I would take my shower, & then go back to bed for half an hour or so to give myself time to wake up.

I was going to write about something a friend reminded me about for chronic fatigue, adrenal fatigue, & the reality of where i am. But i think i'll take a nap first!



Amrita said...

Take good rest. Happy easter to you

Rosemary said...

Happy Easter! Not a morning person either. You may be a bit more fatigued because of your healthier regimen. Sort of the body's last ditch efforts to make you stop what you're doing.

But, a nap is always nice too!