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27 May 2009


(I'm so creative with my titles!)

I meant to do Lynnette Kraft's Wednesday Walk last week, but never got to it. So here it is.

We have two of the funniest cats on the planet.

Mac is an "in the tub" or "in the sink" cat often. (Throw a toy in the tub & he can make a lot of noise being silly & bouncing it around.)

We've lived in three different places since we've had Mac, & since we were married. The first was a townhouse in Costa Mesa that i'd lived in since my second year of college. (I cannot believe it is 16 years since i graduated from college, now!) The first pic is of Mac in the sink at that house.

The second house was rented. Because we were making such major changes in moving to the mountains, we decided to rent for a while first to see if what we planned worked before committing to buy. We rented a small (800 sq ft) house that did have 2 bathrooms. Two bathrooms is always a requirement. This was considerably smaller than the townhouse, & we got rid of a lot of stuff. Still, we were packed in the tiny house! It also had major issues. (The house would sway when the wind was blowing or the washer was spinning; the washer was in a shed OUTSIDE - yes, i had a load of clothes freeze inside that winter; i thanked God daily that we didn't own that house.) But what was funny was that it had these little tiny sinks in the bathrooms. Mac still was determined that he could fit into these.

After a year we bought our home, Sugarbear. It has two bathrooms (tho upstairs is half bath, we go downstairs to shower; we will remodel that bathroom someday). It has normal sized sinks. Mac likes these as well. Here he is in the upstairs sink. I don't know why he likes the sinks so much, but i sure think he is funny.

Silly Mac!

In order not to overlook Jazz, here he is as a kitten with his monkey. This was one of his favorite toys for a long time. We don't even know where it came from. It is marked as a Ronald McDonald toy, but we don't eat there, nor do we have kids to buy these things for.

We thought Duane's brother brought it some time when he was taking care of the cats for
us, but he says not. Jazz bites this thing, & tosses it up in the air. We throw it & he fetches (tho sometimes his "fetch" is about 2 feet from where it landed). He likes having it tossed to him when he is sitting on the mantle or cat tree. He is so funny, & quite accurate in catching it & tossing it back.

This monkey disappeared the year we were in the rented house. We found it when we moved to Sugarbear. We had our bed on concrete blocks, & the monkey had been dumped into the hole space in one of these. I suppose he thought he was playing when he did that, but we were sure mystified. It is still one of his favorite toys.

Silly Jazz!

Go on over & check out what other folks are posting with Lynnette. Her Mister Linky isn't working (i've heard of several folks having problems with Mister Linky) so just post the link in the comment section.



Sally-Ann said...

I love the pictures of your cats, especially the one who has a sink fetish!! I love how a pets personality can come out in the weirdest way sometimes. My dachsund used to sleep in a old doll's pram I had. It sure wasn't easy for him to get up into it, but every night he did!

Lilyofthevalley - Tanya said...

Cute cats! That is funny about the sink, you wouldn't find our cat there. LOL She would be afraid of the water that might come out of the tap. :)

Lucy said...

That's two cool kitties!!

Bob-kat said...

What characters! I love the pics of Mac in the tiny sinks, LoL! So funny. Both are beautiful kitties :)

Amy Ellen said...

Hi Kathryn,

I am so sorry that the link is troublesome. When I visit the blog and click it, it takes me to the video page. Here is the link to cut/paste into your browser:

I hope you can get to it that way!
Thanks for your comment,
Amy Ellen

Amy Ellen said...

Hmmm... that didn't put the whole link on... but I put the same comment on my blog (after yours) and it pasted the whole link in. Try there... so sorry for the runaround!

Laurie in Ca. said...

I just love the cat in the sink. My cat Amos does the same thing and I have to check it at night before turning the water on to wash my hands. I love cats!! Couldn't live without at least one. I hope you are getting packed for your trip without too much anxiety.

Love and Hugs, Laurie