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25 August 2009

Don't know why i'm so tired

I've put out the fall decorations. I used to keep these on my front door, but Sugarbear doesn't have a "front door." We have a sliding glass door for the front & i don't want to decorate it. So i put all the decorations under our house number. I change them out for the season. (The bag at the bottom almost looks like it is meant to be a Halloween ghost, but it is actually a bag of potting soil, waiting to be taken in.) Oh, & that eve to the right of the number is part of the trim waiting to be painted.

Today is just one of those days, i guess. I don't know why i'm so tired. Duane has gone down the hill. I did go to the farmer's market, rather late. I got some fruit, but mostly ingredients for the "fat burner soup." I certainly need to lose weight, but that's not my focus, i don't follow the diet. I just consider it a healthy soup, & i like it. In general i don't like soup too much, but i do like this one, i even like it cold. Now i've got to find the energy to get down there & chop up the veggies for the soup.

Kimmy came & cleaned all the windows yesterday! So wonderful to see out. Well, actually, she did the 3 windows in the living room & all 4 sliding glass doors. We don't have many windows that aren't doors as well.

Our birds are camera-shy! There were a lot out on the deck, but as soon as i picked up the camera, they disappeared. I tried taking pics of the birds thru our newly cleaned windows, but i'm finding it a challenge! They blend into the tree & shadows behind & don't show up very well. I'm more impressed than ever with Duane's skills.

Of course i have to throw in a pic of a squirrel. Squirrels are a daily part of our life. This pic is a little fuzzy 'cause i took it thru the screen.

And i took pics of the apples & the peaches. The neighbor across the street swears it is a peach tree. It is fairly loaded, but they are quite small. They are not much bigger than a golf ball. The apples are growing fast, but the birds are having a feast with them. I'm sure we'll still get alot.

None of these pics begin to show how blue, blue, deep blue
the sky is today.

And then here is Jazz, Bird watching. He likes to look down at them on our deck. When he saw i was going to take his picture he closed his eyes & pretended he didn't see me.

Mac is here, "helping" me clean out my clothes cabinet.

Beside both cats you can see the new brown curtains for our windows. They are inexpensive (cheap) "linen look" from Kmart. (Kmart is our "big store" up here.) We've had the white ones for privacy since we moved in & i like them, but they don't block much light. It occurred i may be waking so early due to the light, so i got these. They aren't great blockers, but better than the white alone. If i wanted them to do a really good job i'd line them. And i may, eventually. The first AM we had them up i slept until 7.45! Monday i woke early as usual, & this AM i woke early again, but went back to sleep until 7.30. Nice! The drawback is that Duane sleeps
too long without light to wake him, but i've promised to open them when i wake so that he won't sleep too long (he slept until nearly 10 yesterday). Wish i could sleep as well & easily as he does.

And here is the little guitar i told you about. It only has 14 frets, where as i understand the standard is 21. (Or at least the brochure said it had 14. I just counted 19.) Duane bought it so i can learn to play & see if i would actually use it. Dear friend Cindy has offered to teach me the basics.



Meadowlark said...

I hope you get the rest you need, whether it's physical or your soul.

Sending peace.

Organizing Mommy said...

Hey! I LOVE that squirrel pic!! He looks so intellectual and charming. Sorry about the loss of energy. I just went through that about 2 weeks ago. Is there a virus whose only symptoms are energy zapping? Rest up, eat well, and take it slowly until you get back to speed. Maybe that no poo thing was from your blog? Did you find that you used it often? I think I like regular shampoo better for now, but I am wondering if you are allowed to use product on your hair when you are going no poo?

Thanks for the visit!

Amrita said...

I am amazed at the way you all can put up decorations and stuff outside your houses. In India they would be stolen.Ha...ha...ha!!!

I learnt that people in the US don 't have locks on their gas tank caps.I was shocked....nobody would have petrol in their cars if they didn 't lock their gas tanks here.