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27 August 2009

I do utilize conventional medicine, sometimes

Ok, this rash has been around for weeks, but it has gotten much worse the last couple of days & seems to be spreading. It has not responded to anything that i've tried (& it is a long list) & so i went into town today to be seen at the "Urgent Care."

Both the PA & doc saw me, & they concurred that it is candida.

HUH? I've had both oral & vaginal candida, but never skin. And i HATE doing a candida diet in the summer.

The doc didn't seem to think the candida diet would work. (But then at least 80% of docs discount food/food allergies as an issue.) And i did choose to buy the Nystatin powder to be applied topically. I chose not to take an oral agent as i respond so poorly to medications. (Now that i think of it, i think the oral agent is fluoride-based, & i do VERY poorly with that.) But i figured a topical, short term item shouldn't be a problem.

I may have figured wrong.

This rash has been rather painful, but it hasn't been terribly itchy. Until i started the Nystatin. Now it is driving me NUTS it itches so bad AND hurts, too.

I don't know what to do about this. Except i do have some things like olive leaf oil & oregano oil & coconut oil that are suppose to be anti-fungal. I may end up giving them a try.

Or i may try to wait it out. The rash is so painful now that water is almost unbearable. So, i'm in a quandary here.



Curly Muse said...

I am sure you might have tried this before or have had bad reactions but here goes: Have you tried going to Doctor that specializes in person who have a low immune system? Yes they might prescribe medications but it might be something to try. Getting Candida on the skin may mean that your immune system is low. If this is something you have written about before,sorry, just giving my opinion. THanks

Amrita said...

Would they have homeopathic meds there?

A Neem based soap is good for rashes.

I am so sorry about this Kathryn. Hope you find relief soon.

Try taking B-complex to boost your immune system

Samantha @ Mama Notes said...

oh no! I hope you feel better soon!

mandie said...

thank you for always leaving encouraging comments on my blog. i appreciate them.
my blog is where i write about the stuff that is too heavy to carry around with me.
it's cathartic for me, but probably difficult for others to read...