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23 September 2009

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This 'n that, of course.

I'm doing better, thank you. My neck was stiff & painful. Whether from the Splenda or drugs i don't know. I don't like ingesting chemicals! But today is better. It seems to be working out of my system. I spent all day Monday sleeping, it seemed, but am better now.

Had a lovely time with Dear Cindy, having her teach me chords on the guitar. I can tell it will take some time for my finger tips to toughen up. Funny. I've very strong hands because of the work i do, but my finger tips not so much. It kind of reminds me of when i've quilted. Finger tips have to toughen then too, because they get poked, over & over.

We woke to a rather heavy fog today. What was interesting was that about 1 PM i was traveling a road close to the beach. On my left side was white sky - marine layer haze - & the palm trees were dim/obscured in the haze. On my right the sky was blue & the palm trees plainly visible & clear. The demarcation line for the marine layer was directly over my head. Very odd. I've never seen it that way before.

I'm sure i've more to say, but i can't think of it. I made a decision, currently anyway, about a doctor. But it is long & involved & i'll get into it another time.


Land of shimp said...

Yes, if you're prone to migraines at all, Splenda (and in my experience, any kind of artificial sweetener) is fraught with peril.

I'm glad you're feeling a bit better, and hope that continues. You poor soul, as soon as I read your entry about the ER, I knew you had to have felt horrible to have gone.

I'm sitting here trying to catch up with your blog :-) Looks like you put up some very lovely pictures this week! Thank you, as always for sharing them.

Rosemary said...

I can't wait to hear more about your foray into guitary playing. I would love to learn and tried to learn bass but oh, I seem to have tiny fingers that don't reach anything without my hand taking on the most bizarre curls and such. So, I live vicariously through the gifted! Interesting that you have to toughen up your fingertips. I would imagine that given your line of work you definitely have strong hands. I admire that you have such a giving talent with your career. I don't know that I feel that way with my choice in careers - super hero stuff aside...lmao