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11 September 2009

My anniversary gift

Duane treated ME, he didn't want to come. Isn't he thoughtful to offer something that he knew i would enjoy? I chose not to go yesterday since he didn't want to come. We didn't do all that much yesterday, but we did "nothing together"! We did go to a lovely restaurant for dinner. (I have to tell you tho, if you come to visit me, there are some places you go for the atmosphere NOT the food. Unfortunately last night was one of those. I'll have to make it up to Duane with a good meal, soon.)



David said...

and i'm glad you enjoyed the ride.

yes - check with me on where to eat.. ok ?

Stacey said...

Sorry I'm reading late, but I'm glad you had a nice anniversary! Great gift!

Linda said...

That was a wonderful gift. I love the pictures. Happy anniversary!

Amrita said...

Nice pictures of your equestrian gift. I have only ridden a horse twice in the mountains and loved it the second time. The first go was scary.

Your pictures remind me of the cowboy movies which I love.

Clint Eastwood is my favourite.
The eating joint sounds very atmospheric!

Rosemary said...

This sounds like fun! I had to laugh about your comment on the restaurant!

Rosemary said...

and the weather and the scenery look mahvelous, dahlink.