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27 October 2009

Becoming apathetic

Well, it wasn't a very long trip!

I woke up about 4.30 this AM & couldn't get back to sleep. So this is gonna be one looonnnng day!

It looks cold outside, but Ben's Weather tells me it is 48 & the low was 47 so looks are deceiving. Yesterday's low was 24, so we have a wide variance in temps.

When i can't get to sleep in the middle of the night everything looks black. Not just dark. LOL Flu, the rumor of flu & death. Friends & relationships. Conspiracy theories all seem to make sense. I'm crankier & more critical. (Someone i read occasionally recently spelled that "since" & it bugs me!) And i have a headache, which is typical when i don't sleep most of the night.

Then, well, i haven't the energy to maintain panic so i slip into apathy (wishing i could slip into sleep). But it is now 8 AM & this is the one day of the week i actually need to move in the AM. Murphy's Law, don'tchknow.

This was written (mostly) tongue in cheek.


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