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30 November 2009

Christmas ornaments

We won't be pulling our tree out for a few days yet. It is a
cute, scrawny thing that we've had since our first Christmas together.

I was surprised to find, in looking back at our pics, that i took no pics of our tree for 2003, 2004, 2005. The first ones are from 2006. And, of course these pics have been taken across the years, we've lived in three different houses where these were taken.

Here are some of my ornaments & decorations.

Most of the year these jars contain my "collections." I will only collect things that can be easily contained (nothing needing a display case!). So most of the time these jars hold rocks, shells, & buttons. But last year i had so many more ornaments than we put on the tree, so i put the excess in these jars. Most of our ornaments are home made.

This star was made by my granny. She made them out of tin cans. Sadly, the one she made for me was lost when a former roommate took all my Christmas decorations when we broke housekeeping. There were only a few things that i really miss & my granny's star was one. My mother, most generously, gave me the one granny made for her. She said she didn't use it anyway. However, men like twinkling things! Duane attached a lighted star to the back of it (after this pic was taken) because he likes a light at the top.

This box! I'll tell the story of this box later. But, when we first put up the tree, this box & granny's star are the only decorations for about a week.

My mother made this tree skirt. She sewed it & stenciled the holly. And i used it like that for a while, but being a thin muslin it didn't hold the shape/drape of a typical tree skirt. So i quilted it to be heavier. I didn't do a great job with the quilting. The backing is the red material with a white thread outline shown as the background in the ornament pics above. (Jazz was about 4 months old in this pic.)

And, here it is! Our scrawny little tree. This is an early December tree because it has only the box & granny's star on it. We don't usually put the tree up too early (tho by the 10th) because i usually leave the tree up until Epiphany. I know lots of folks who take their tree down immediately after Christmas day (& some on Christmas Day) but i like to enjoy Christmas! The days before that are Advent.

If we were really doing it "right" we wouldn't put the tree up until Christmas Eve, but i can never wait that long. And we're rarely home on Christmas Eve.

When we were living in OC & had friends & family near, we'd have a tree trimming party to help us decorate & celebrate. But living in BB, no family is near & we don't know many folks here that we'd invite to something like this.



LynnS said...

So many gorgeous ornaments ! I am loving your grandmother's tin star! There is something especially wonderful when a Christmas ornament is handmade, isn't there? Your tree-top star is one that I would walk up to, study, and smile over.

Curly Muse said...

I like your home made feel! I put up my tree last week! Super early. But its the first tree that is mine!

Jessica said...

Hi Kathryn! Now I'm all caught up with your blog. (Sorry I misspelled Kaylee in my e-mail.) I just e-mailed a friend in San Bernardino and suggested she check out your blog. Her name is Lisa Stiefken. Lisa directs the S. B. Crisis Counseling Center and her husband Chuck does sidewalk counseling. We met through Lisa's reading my novel Compelling Interests. If I remember rightly, she had received a postcard about it which we sent to pro-life groups all over the country and was against the book until I sent her a copy. Now she's just about my biggest fan. Anyway, we rapidly became friends as couples. You two have a lot in common, starting with struggling to live without gluten and I thought you might really hit it off. I hope she'll read what you've written so far and contact you.

Dawn said...

Love the ornaments-please post a picture of the tree when you get it done:)
With the 4 climbing half-feral kitties and new baby Chatty kitty no tree for us this year.....

Lynnette Kraft said...

What? My nature lovin' and livin' friend has an artificial Christmas tree! Shocked, yes I am! ha! :) That's okay, they don't make you sneeze huh? :)

Very cute ornaments. I think homemade are just the best. I love putting up things that we've made through the years. In fact, I think we'll make some new ones this year too. Thanks for the idea!

Enjoy putting the tree up Kathryn.

Land of shimp said...

Oh Kathryn, they are all very sweet and precious, but I must tell you I laughed, and laughed at the picture of the Snowman Wreath.

All these cheerful little Snowmen heads, forming a wreath, smiling happily for the holidays, and I couldn't help but think, "Presumably no one has told them that their bodies are missing entirely! Decapitated Snowmen!! Nothing gets them down."

Sorry, I have an irreverent streak in my personality. I'll stop now ;-)

Amrita said...

Love your pretty ornaments. You are great decorator Kathy.

The handwork o f your granny and Mom are gorgeous and your quiting, glad the kitties keep warm on it.

The jar idea is super.If I was nearby I would have come to decorate your tree.