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18 November 2009

Funny bits

Duane doesn't share my love of blogs. He doesn't hate them, but he doesn't spend a lot of time reading them as do i. I think the blogs he frequents (there are two or three) are about building/making things, or science. Well, he does like LOL Cats, but only looks at them from my computer when we're together. (It took us both a while to like LOL Cats because of the spelling & grammar.)

But when i find something funny he does enjoy reading about them. My GF group sent out one about a new kitten & naming the screeching mite yesterday. (Dawn, Duane was asking about more Stripey stories just yesterday.) And we laughed hilariously at Throwback at Trapper's Creek "The Jar Nazi" post.

Today i was reading to Duane this post from Drive Fast, Take Chances. (The pic her husband is even wearing a red shirt!) They discovered that a park "near us," Vasquez Rocks Natural Area Park, had been used in one of the original Star Trek episodes. (A lot of other movies & tv shows, too.)
Duane asked where they are at, & i thought Utah for some reason, but in looking it up their blog says they are in LA. So we looked up the park & discovered it is near Palmdale where Duane's best friend Joseph lives. (I forsee we may be making a trip to this park before long. LOL)

This is dear friend Joseph & his lovely wife Michelle. They got married Christmas Day 2004.

Duane & i like to watch "Mythbusters." A lot of the things they do are dangerous & done under very controlled circumstances. They always preference their show with, "Please don't try anything you're about to see at home . . . EVER!" Well, we visited J & M when they were living in Northern CA a couple of years ago. And Duane & J had to try the "Diet Coke & Mentos" thing (the link is the original video not the Mythbusters clip) when we were visiting them. So now when the show says, "Please don't try anything you're about to see at home . . . " Duane finishes with "Go to Joseph's house!"

I'm sure i had other funny things to share, but don't remember them. :)


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