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05 December 2009

It is so sad . . .

. . . what time does!

Of course, in this case it was heat more than time. Poor little snow bear.

So, pics of "the dress"? Here they are:

Of course, wouldn't it be nice if i could stretch myself? And do some judicious photoshop & erase those pounds.

Time is as cruel to humans as it is to small snow bears. Here is a pic of Duane & me on our way to the party:

We had a good time. We didn't stay late. I danced twice, tho i knew i'd pay for that later. I love to dance & i love to be at a party watching other folks dance. Somehow the energy is invigorating.

There was another couple there from church we visited with later. It was so nice to have folks to visit with, 'cause otherwise it would have been a long evening. I tried to talk to the woman sitting next to me, but she kept turning away & talking to her husband or was sending messages on her phone. And everyone else seemed to know folks. No one looked like they needed (or wanted) someone extra to talk to.

The music was largely 80s & 90s music, so i enjoyed that quite a lot. They did do some 70s music, & at one point i mentioned to Duane that "I Shot the Sheriff" was not included in the repertoire. He thought that very funny. (I did mention this was the Big Bear Lake Sheriff's Dept Christmas party?) But then he thought it not so funny & told me to let it go. :)

I don't have to do fellowship this week, i'm scheduled for next week. That's a relief, for we've much to do today. The storm coming is now predicted to possibly be 4 days or more & states it may be "significant." Well, that means we need to prepare. The garage clean out. And cutting more wood. And, if it is truly significant, i think we may need to call it a snow day/snow week next week & stay home. I need to do some grocery shopping, too.

I don't watch Dr. Oz. Think i've caught the program once. I like that he is open to some alternative treatment, but he is far too mainstream, conventional medicine for me. Tho as a friend points out, it is refreshing to have a doc so visible even open to alternative. This past week he did a segment on Chronic Fatigue. I didn't catch it. Meant to, but forgot to record it. But his website has this article:
What is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and How XMRV Related?

This info really isn't new to someone with these problems. But it is wonderful to have a place to send folks who don't understand. New info takes it away from the idea that chronic fatigue is laziness or "all in your head." What is significant to me is that this article gives differences between depression & chronic fatigue. I can't recall how many times over the years docs have told me i'm "just depressed." But their meds never worked.

Stacked wood inside the house today preparing for the coming storm. Duane's idea of tamales for the potluck was wonderful! Everyone enjoyed them, less stress for me, & for the first time i didn't have food i had to take home!

But now i'm tired. If this doesn't make a lot of sense, it was done piecemeal thru the day. Y'all have a good one. :)



Amrita said...

Your party dress is really elegant and both of you look so charming. I love your shoes.

Why are folks more into text msg.rather than taking face2face

I love the 70s and 80s music and remember the song.

Rosemary said...

I think you looked marvelous for your party - very classic and elegant! You guys are a cute couple.

I don't know why some people won't mix at parties, I am definitely the type to just start talking and getting to know more people - but maybe I'm weirder than I think! (LOL)

I find that when people are not empathetic to other's health conditions that it is usually because they've never been laid low themselves or lived through a loved one's pain of chronic conditions. But I know that you are frustrated by your condition and I see that you try so many things to improve how you feel and your stamina. Shame on those who can't understand or empathize.