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29 December 2009

Last of the ornaments

I have more ornaments than i have posted here. Many more. But the ones i've been posting are my favorites. These are ones that have been given to us. Some were just tags on gifts, but i liked them so much they went on our tree.

This is probably my favorite ornament, tho i just set her in the branches. I've mentioned that a former roommate took all my ornaments years ago. I suspect what she wanted was my collection of several years of Hallmark ornaments, but they were not what i mourned. I missed the things folks had given me & could not be replaced. I had two things that were not in that box. One was this, a gift from dear friend Becky. The cat had gotten a hold of it & i didn't find it until after Christmas was packed away. She had lost her eyes & nose due to the attention of said cat, but i replaced them with beads. There are other things i miss, but i am so glad i still have this dear little happy stuffed reindeer.

When we attended church Christmas eve, all the visitors were given (their choice) of a little bell. I didn't consider us visitors, but they gave us this, anyway. The pic doesn't show them well.

A couple of years ago, a bunch of these were made for Grandma Scott's tree. From every family, pics of that family. When they cleared out her house this year, these were saved & given to each of the families who were pictured.

My mother made this little guy. I thought him so cute i used him for a pattern to make more. I've only one left, gave the others as gifts, pictured under the ones i made. I also made a rocking horse based on this one, but i decided he was much too much work!

These were both gift tags, i think.

This was made by my Montana Mom. She does a lot of this plastic canvas work. I think it was a gift tag. I stuck in a little pom pom bear i'd made.

The gift tag from this year's gift from Grandma Scott. I thought it too cute to throw away.

Another gift tag from my beautiful Mom. :)

This is from my grandma, about 4 years ago when she was still able to think of us & remember us. It is precious to me that she took the time to choose this for us.

This was not a gift tag! Isn't this precious? A gift from Mom. Not many people do such delicate & precious work any more.

This was given me by dear friend Jessica a few years ago. I think her very beautiful and she reminds me of one that i had that was lost. :)

My mother made this when i was a little girl. She made a whole collection of them. There were a number of birds like this in different colors. Also a star & an angel. A nest made of steel wool that had baby birds in it. An owl. I don't remember them all. I think she found the patterns in a woman's magazine, oh so many years ago. When Duane & i married she sent this to me for our first Christmas. The birds (there are actually two) that i made of white & blue felt & beads were remembering the ones she had made.

Another beautiful, delicate, handmade ornament from my Mom.

And this beauty. A gift this year from dear friend Cindy. When i first took it out, i thought i'd broken it 'cause one of the points was moving. Turns out it is on a hinge so that you put one of the lights inside to shine out. I wish it showed up better in the pic. Isn't this special? I love it. :)


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Rosemary said...

I love the sentiment that surrounds each ornament you have, that's beautiful. I am horrified that someone would be so awful as to steal another person's Christmas decorations - there must be a special level of hell for that, perhaps where you step on pinecones with bare feet as your punishment! However, you have borne this well and made some marvelous additions to your collection! I love the delicate work your mom has done, people just don't do that anymore (you're right) - perhaps we should pick up this waning art and give it a revival.

Best wishes to you, my West Coastie friend, for a happy and wonderful 2010!