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06 January 2010


I think i had an aura today. Sounds exciting? Well, sounds that way. (Makes me think of aurora borealis!)

(Image from Stunt Granny.)

I've been getting migraines since my early 20s. Atypical, i believe the cause was an accident with concussion when i was 11. Largely they are much helped by CranioSacral Therapy (& sometimes caffeine).

Today i had a visual disturbance (kind of flashy/zig-zaggy lights in the center of my vision which distorted what i was trying to read & as time went by it kept moving more & more peripherally; i think it was mostly in my right eye, but can't be sure) that lasted about 15 minutes. I had the doc give me a chiropractic adjustment almost right away. About half an hour later i developed a migraine. But atypical to me. LEFT sided (99.9% of the time i usually have right sided migraine). Usually they are in my R temple, but this was L in the frontal bone above my eye orbit. I had him check my neck again. But the headache remains.

I didn't recognize the aura for what it was until the migraine occurred. Having never had one before.

This is new to me. Nothing to freak out about, although it felt freaky. But something to keep an eye on in case this continues & i'll need to be re-assessed. Or get more CS. :)

I just read at "" that a migraine is NOT a headache. (Sure feels like it to me!) Says that migraine is a neurological disorder. Ok, still hurts.

Think i'll go find some caffeine & lie down.



Rosemary said...

Hmmm...I thought they were headaches too. Mine present with either an aura or a temporary numbness on one side (very disconcerting the first time you get it).

I'm so sorry you had it, does a dark room and coolness help? It always does for me - and sleep....

Meadowlark said...

Weirdly enough, letting my mouth hang open (in a dark room of course) seems to help.

And the first one I noticed was a "missing" crescent-shape in my field of vision. Just nothing there. Not a black spot, just "nothing".


Hope you feel better. :(

lisa said...

I hate migraines. I am lucky enough that they don't get as severe as you or some of my friends get them. I hope you feel better soon.

Land of shimp said...

Not fun, not at all. Kathryn, I used to get migraines constantly, and most came with auras. It is a very odd feeling, but now I get the auras without the actual pain. Usually takes between 15-30 minutes for my field of vision to clear. A neurologist once told me that essentially what you're seeing is a dilated blood vessel, that will start out in the center, and pass to the peripheral areas of your vision within that time frame.

Whee, huh? I'm so sorry you didn't know what it was when it was happening, that's actually the worst part of auras, if you don't know what they are, they can frighten the stuffing out of you.

I hope you feel better soon. I think I've told you to try keeping some green tea on hand, some people have success with green tea as a treatment for migraines -- it isn't just the caffeine that helps, evidently it is something in the actual tea. Worth a shot :-)