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31 January 2010


Had another aura today, but it was along the lines of "Oh, that again." It does interfere with reading for a while. But the headache following isn't much at all. I almost feel more like i've taken strong drugs or something. A bit ditsy.

So, the aura thing doesn't concern me much, except after so many years of migraines, why am i having them now? Also the pain pattern is different being on the L side above the eye orbit rather than R temple.

I've lasagna in the oven. Three different ones in bread loaf pans. Yesterday i made a lot of spaghetti sauce (properly said, "Skaghhetti," of course). It is a new recipe - i can't share 'cause it is copyrighted & i paid to get it. But it is essentially a normal recipe, this has a lot of basil (fresh) & diced eggplant in it. I used my whizzy stick (immersion blender) to blend it all up after it was cooked. The recipe made a boat load of the sauce. Giving some to friend David, making some lasagna to freeze as well as to eat. Was planning to make manicotti (& was delaying 'cause i've never made home made pasta before - intending to try with manicotti shells). But then i realized that i used all of the cheese to make the lasagna. Oh well.

Glad we like the sauce - i've got a lot. I'm hoping Duane will like the lasagna. It is vegetarian & i put some chopped spinach in it - and he saw me
do it. Sometimes i can sneak things in (like the eggplant) & he doesn't know. We will see.


(Monday) I write this blog for myself, but always love it when folks take the time to comment. So now i've a question . . .

I tend to be verbose & write long posts about sundry things, a "hodgepodge" & a bit of this 'n that. Strictly from a reader's point of view, should i break my hodgepodge into multiple posts (& possibly have several a day), or leave it as one LOOONNGGG post? It doesn't matter to me. Curious what folks who read think.

Duane thought the lasagna "okay." I think he'd have liked it better with some meat in it. But he did okay with it.

Friend David came & gave a wonderful massage today. It was lovely & so kind as he had asked me to give him a massage a week ago & that never happened. So nice of him to do so.

We went to Calvary Chapel yesterday. I have to say that after years in a liturgical church, it feels incomplete not to celebrate Eucharist/communion. But over all i liked the service. I don't think the minister was "soft on sin" whatsoever - but he didn't beat us up with it the way i experience the Catholic & Lutheran churches.

(Just thought of something funny. When i first began attending the Anglican/Episcopal church - long ago in college, 1990 - the folks attending the church called it "Catholic-light: All the liturgy & half the guilt." Now, i'd call our Lutheran church "Catholic-light: Half the liturgy & ALL the guilt"!)

It is now a week since the last snow, & more than a week since the big ones. It was amazing to me to see - headed to church yesterday - that so many of the roofs still have a foot or even two of the heavy snow. It IS melting, but very slowly. The icicles are simply amazing (& i don't want one to fall on me!). I've not done any more on our deck & we have had about 1 foot (out of 4) melt. Parts of our walk are still very icy.

Duane & i went to took our the 3x3 berm in front of our mail boxes on Thursday. There are more than 30 mailboxes there & the PO won't deliver until they are cleared. We spent about 45 minutes taking them out & a couple dozen neighbors drove by us while we worked at it. Two stopped to thank us. We were worried that the ice melt water would pool there & freeze making it treacherous, but i drove by today & it is fine.

The roads are good (most of them, some of the neighborhoods are still a mess) & driving down tomorrow should be no problem. The temps overnight for the past few nights have been in the single digits, & the highs have been in the high 30s. The house is chilly, tho. We wake up in the AM & find it just over 50F. I seem to get chilled easily. Wearing lots of heavy clothes!

I'm seriously looking into someone coming in to help me with cooking, cooking in advance, clean up & some laundry. Those are the things that cause me the most problems. Probably still have Patty come clean once a month or so. It is kind of hard to admit that i need this help.

Enjoying the birds outside my window. Same finches, chickadees & juncos. Pretty view. But i do miss the tree that went down. I'm sure the squirrels will miss it too as it was part of the "squirrel highway" for reaching our deck. Now part is missing. (They have no trouble arriving on the deck, i just don't get to watch them as easily running from tree to tree.)

I'm sure i had more to say! Swiss cheese brain attacks & it has fallen into a black hole.



Rosemary said...

Well, I like the posts you write so I guess I'm in the camp of leave the posts long. I say allow the spirit to move you! Besides you put in lots of photos and that's nice too.

I'm very sorry you are having these headaches and wish there was something better to offer than "I'm sorry" but I really am. I know you don't want to get help in but you need it right now and just getting it for a little while doesn't mean forever.

I so wish I could send a hug through the phone or via the Internet - I'd be sending a big ol' bear hug to my buddy out in Big Bear!

Organizing Mommy said...

I tend to like shorter posts, since it makes it more manageable for readers.

Sorry about the headaches!

the lasagna sounds wonderful--wish I could stop over for dinner.

I thought about meeting up with the girls in Kansas? but I really don't know those gals, and they would be like: who are you?

Anyway, life is too complicated for much socialization, unless people come here.

Amrita said...

I go in for shorter posts but one 's illustrated with photos are nice.

I love lasangne and haven 't had it in years. your sauce sounds good.I must make some lasangne, have to use ordinary noodles for it.

Hope your headache has gone.

Jana said...

Your lasagna sounds good to me. I love veggie lasagna. I can't believe how much snow you have. Yikes. I am laughing at your Catholic/Episcopalian/Lutheran comments. I have been all 3, and you are dead-on. Sorry to hear about the headaches. Prayers going out to you. I love your pictures. I will sometimes just scroll through a post looking at the pictures. BUT, it's your blog. YOUR online journal. You have to write what you do because it is who you are. Keep on with the long posts. And the pictures too.

Land of shimp said...

Kathryn, I think you should do whatever makes you happiest, and what feels most natural to you. I truly don't have a preference, and you're quite good about providing a style/paragraph break (:::: ++++ , that sort of thing) when you switch topics, so it doesn't feel particularly disjointed.