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24 February 2010

How can i . . .

be so lonely, when Face Book tells me i have 87 friends?



Cindy (Letters From Midlife) said...

I just decided today to leave Faceboo, perhaps for the same sentiment you express, and because I honestly don't desire to try to keep track of that many friends. Sort of an oxymoron, I know, but FB just isn't my thing so I'm letting it go.

Amrita said...

Keping up with all these social network sitesits quite time consuming. My blogging takes up a lot of my time. But I visit my FB page once a day at least an write on my wall - if I have something significant to say.
I have friends who haven 't said anything in months, hope they read about me

Amy Ellen said...

Hello Kathryn,

You are a blessed woman as you look to the Lord and look forward to meeting your dear littles in heaven. Although I don't know the road you're traveling, He KNOWS... He is Jehovah Roi, the God who Sees... everything, even our hearts. He shows compassion and mercy to those who look to Him.

I pray for God's blessing in your life... I don't know what that blessing will be, but God whose thoughts are higher than my thoughts, will bless you in measures I can't imagine... both now and in eternity.

Love and peace, ae

justme said...

you are loved and thought people that actually know you. not the artificial world that facebook is....

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

Sorry that you are feeling down. May you experience a new measure of God's love.

donna said...

because those 87 friends don't mean diddly if they don't ever talk to ya...please forgive me for I am guilty of neglecting our friendship. I took on a work-from-home-typing job, so I haven't been very active anywhere...with the exception of my kitchen of course and throw up a status message occasionally.

By the way, the milled rice flour did not fare too well in my homemade pasta project...I will have to work on perfecting. Once I baked with freshly milled flours, it is difficult to return to store bought especially knowing there is little or no nourishment in it...I am going to try some freshly milled wheat flour and see if the pasta comes together any better ....not gluten free, but will provide me something easier to experiment with.

hope your day today is blessed.

Land of shimp said...

Hello, hello, hello :-) I was having some remodeling done at the house, and am spending the day catching up on all that I missed last week.

Hmm...let's see, maybe you favor a deeper connection than Facebook encourages? Part of the reason I don't do Facebook, or Tweet via Twitter is that the medium doesn't really suit someone as wordy as I am. I'm also not all that good at chit-chat sort of exchanges. I'd rather talk ideas, subjects, funny stories, updates on lives...and none of those are quick 140 character type of things.

I bring that up because it seems to me that you are a fellow "love to actually have in depth sort of exchanges."

So maybe Facebook isn't for you? Or maybe you have 87 friendships that are the nice, friendly chit-chat variety?

I read once that if in the course of our entire lives, we make three truly good friends, we are lucky. At the time I thought, "Oh that's ridiculous, everyone has more than three friends!" and then I got older, and it made more sense to me. Everyone has lots of acquaintances ...but if you have three actual friends, you're fortunate :-) Quality, not quantity and all that!

I'm sorry you were feeling lonely :-) Remember, you're a loved person, and not alone as long as you are. But we all get a little bit lonesome sometimes, and it's nice to have an answering voice on the "Marco!" "Polo!"


Cheri Pryor said...

Facebook is interesting that way, isn't it? On one hand you think, "wow! I have 87 fb friends!" and in a split second you think, " come these 87 people never talk to me on fb?" I feel like any social networking site is a bit impersonal anyway. I would much rather pick up a phone and TALK to my few close friends anyway. Whatever happened to TALKING to people? *sigh*

Sorry that you've been down and lonely lately. I hope you find peace with that soon. Loneliness can be a difficult place to be. ((hugs))