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16 February 2010

Just some links

I've been keeping some pages open on my computer now for a while. I wanted to mention them but not to bookmark them. I seem to have problems with bookmarks. I use about 5% of the bookmarks regularly. The other 95% are just there. I might look at them on rare occasion, but not enough to really justify them. And because there are so many, if i'm looking for a specific but not frequently used one it can be hard to find, even tho i categorize obsessively. I need to go thru & organize my bookmarks.

Anyhoo . . . There are a few i feel worth mentioning, on a diverse variety of things.

Health Care, Running Out of Time is an article that has been open for a couple of weeks now. I find it most interesting. It is discussing out current health care crisis & where it is headed. But the most important, i think, is the last paragraph whic
h states that this crisis can only be averted by a paradigm shift. If we want all that we have currently in health care, & want the gov't to fund it all, we are in a lot of trouble.

This article also deals with the misleading statistic used that our lifespan currently is longer than 100 years ago & how the statistics have been manipulated. I've long known this discrepancy, but this explains it better than i've ever seen elsewhere.

I frequently mention Sara Frankl, of the blog Gitz. She is someone who has seen her life really go off track, as far as plans & dreams. But she has an attitude i admire & envy. She did a guest post recently called The Ugly Truth & i've had it open for a couple of days now because she writes of "fairness."

I'm not sure i agree with her statement that "humans came up with the idea of fairness, it didn't come from God." I disagree with this because we seem to have an innate sense of what is fair. Very small children are able to identify when something is not right, not fair. However, it is true that life isn't fair & we all have to deal with it. I find Sara's attitude remarkable, particular
ly as i find that i don't, honestly, value life a lot. My situation is far from being like hers, but i struggle to accept it & to find value in my life. But she does & i'm just so blessed to be able to be influenced by her.

I've learned that Dr. Mercola is speaking at a Longevity Conference the end of March. Along with a number of other people. Part of me really wants to go - largely because where it is being held is 8 blocks from where my ILs live. Wow! In my own back yard, so to speak. Then practicality stepped in. 1. I doubt i'd have the energy to attend a 3 day conference. 2. I'd have to stay in OC over a weekend. 3. They'd be preaching to the choir, really. (Not saying i wouldn't learn anything, but do expect that much of it would be old ground for me.) 4. I don't want to go alone, but i'm not sure there is anyone i could find to go with me. 5. I think that money would be better off spent elsewhere.

There's a new email going around about the chalk guy. It didn't have a link, just a lot of images. So here is one. This guy really is amazing. He has to plan this out in such detail & where the camera will actually be to hold the illusion. These often have to be drawn hugely elongated or distorted to hold the illusion from just one spot. I did find a link: The Chalk Guy.

I've begun a new blog called I Looked For Love. I'm finding that i'm really struggling to understand life & God & just trying to "figure things out." I may not write there often, but it will all be "religious/spiritual" stuff that i wanted to put all together in one place. I'm not really expecting to have anyone follow it.

Hopefully our tires will be in before long & we'll be headed down the hill.

Duane & i often laugh at our bad timing. Of course, there is never a good time to get a flat tire, but this week i planned to meet someone & i'm hoping that the delay won't screw it up. I don't remember when i began reading Mrs. Mac's blogs, The Thrifty Garden/Home & Whatever Happened To . . . But i've been reading & enjoying her blogs for a while now. She's on vacation in So Cal this week, & we've planned to meet for tea & chat this afternoon. I'm excited to meet another blogger in person & so hope our tire thing doesn't mess it up.



lisa said...

That picture is the most amazing one I've seen in a long time.

Mrs. Mac said...

Hey ... the is Mrs. Mac .. checking in from the Grand California Hotel at Disneyland ... let's meet up for tea today ... The weather is gorgeous!

Kathryn said...

Yes, let's do that! LOL

Thanks for the coffee. Lovely to meet you. :)

Cindy (Letters From Midlife) said...

I'm jealous that you and Mrs. Mac got to meet in person! lol She wrote about it at The Scarf Sisters blog and I hopped on over to see your blog.

Anonymous said...

I really like when people are expressing their opinion and thought. So I like the way you are writing