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13 March 2010

I am blessed

But that shouldn't be a surprise.  I think i mentioned that Duane was supportive of having someone come in weekly when i first mentioned it to him.  But when the actual cost was brought up i think it gave him pause.  But he has said no more about it.  I am so blessed to be with such a wonderful man.  

Rebecca was here yesterday.  I did almost no work at all.

I over did last week, & then didn't do strict bed rest.  The result was that i dragged myself thru the week at a barely functioning level.  When we got home Thursday night, i aspirated a small amount of food or liquid & coughed so that i thought i would die.  I coughed until i thought my head would explode & my eyes were crying like rivers.  If i had any predisposition to having a stroke or aneurysm, that would have done it.  I've continued to have a deep cough (but not at that same brain-breaking level) whenever i move around much.  I was totally exhausted by the time Rebecca arrived yesterday.

She made lunch for Duane & me.  She made a lovely salad for me & also a poppyseed dressing to go on it.  (And, again, i forgot it was Friday & had her fix Duane some Italian sausage i'd gotten for him.  My fault, it wouldn't even hit her radar as she is Baptist.  It didn't hit my radar either - he mentioned it to me later.)  She also made a corn/potato soup, vegetarian chili, & eggplant ready to turn into eggplant parmasean.  Together we made peanutbutter cookies, chicken cordon bleu, & baked chicken to use in meals for Duane in the future.  

She also did or started 3 loads of laundry for me.  Having someone else do my laundry (that isn't sheets or towels) is weird for me.  But i'm appreciative just the same.  

Duane is away for the weekend.  He is doing his second weekend of SAR (Search & Rescue) training.  He left about 5 AM today.  He'll be home tomorrow about 5 or 6.  

I'm happy that he is doing this.  So glad that he has found a local group to be part of & that he so enjoys.

But his being away messes with my way of thinking.  Like serving him meat yesterday.  When i had Rebecca fix it i was only thinking that we needed to use up that sausage before it went bad & that he wouldn't be here on the weekend to eat it.  He's only going to be away on this training one more weekend - AND i need to remember NOT to buy meat for him that week.

The other thing that is different is church issues.  I've already decided that i will not attend our Lutheran Church without him.  I tend to get off-balance there & he helps me to have things in perspective better.  Or we comiserate & complain.    But i also don't want to attend a new small church without him.  If we are going to visit a new church i'd like to do it together.  Also, i have to decide if i'll attend the Lutheran Church - for our traditional potluck, etc., without him.  I'm not sure at this point.

Last week at church (Lutheran) they had no one to do the children's service (both the Sunday School people were ill).  But we didn't have anything for the little ones (about ages 4 - 7) to do.  I went into the office & got some paper & crayons for them to use.  So, i've done tracings of a couple of the stained glass windows we have in our church.  I'll give them to the office manager to copy so we will have them on hand for the kids.   

Here is something i did to use as paper for letters Duane & i send out:

Yesterday while barely able to get out of bed & unable to do much in the house at all, i found myself wondering, "Okay, what CAN i do?"  So i am searching for things to do when i'm unable to get out of bed.  Of course, there are things for me to do, but i find myself wasting a lot of time on the computer.  The computer can be productive, but i often use it as a time waster.  I need to be more productive - for my own mental health - even if i'm bed-bound.  I'm sure i'll find something.



Mrs. Mac said...

I'm sure it will take time to get used to having someone help out at home. I'm praying for you and your functioning level. You certainly are blessed and have a hubby desirous of taking good care of you.


Lynnette Kraft said...

Poor Kathryn. Do you have pneumonia? I haven't been here in a while. I'm so glad you have somebody to help you. I imagine it is a little weird, but is also probably really nice huh?

Take care. I'm going to go take an epsom salt bath now and I'll say a prayer for you while I'm soaking. :)


Amrita said...

Hi Kathryn, hope you are feeling better, that cough sounds awful.

I have a cold coming on, treating it with honey, and crushed ginger root and pepercorn mixture and lots of chai and some paracetamol , its on a plateau level.

I also didn 't get Duane 's Friday food preference??? Is he Catholic? Sorry I did n't understand.
Rebecca seems like a super all the fabulous food.

Kathryn said...

Amrita - Duane was raised Catholic.

We belonged to an Anglican church for several years & are still in their directory. We were married in that church & we still attend there on the rare occasions we are down there on the weekend. I still attend there for a Wednesday noon service when my schedule allows.

We are members of a Lutheran church here in Big Bear.

All three, Catholic, Anglican, & Lutheran observe Lent, & Duane wants to follow the (largely Catholic) tradition of no meat on Fridays.

Stacey said...

Hey Kathryn,

I always enjoy your comments on my blog and am always grateful that you've stopped by!

Great work on the tracings. The Sugar Bear drawing is adorable. You have so many talents! You are indeed blessed. :)

Organizing Mommy said...

Keep up the good work of trying to stay productive. Reading is good too. Wish I could live near you--I'd wrangle up some energy out of you and clean the floor too.. some day..