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30 March 2010

I can't think of a title

I'm very tired.  I've been dragging the past couple of weeks.  Last week i had the chiro i work with check me - he does "nutritional testing" via kinesology that i have found to be very accurate.  (Lab work confirmed his determination after he did the tests.)  

I tested positive for pesticides - which has me rather puzzled as i eat mostly organic food - & my adrenals are shot - also not a surprise.  He said he'd never had anyone test for adrenals as high (meaning needing so many supplements) before.  I also bought the saliva tests for adrenals & other hormones.  Did that yesterday, so i started the supplements today.

The fact is i've got a lot of supplements, & i don't use them much.  Vitamin D3 is probably the only one i take regularly at all.  If i'm really honest, i think it is because i don't really believe they will help me much.  I think i'm past believing that anything will help much.  

We are going to San Diego for Easter.  It has always been tradition for us to go to Duane's Aunt & Uncle's place for a big family potluck (here in OC).  However, this year Duane's step-brother T doesn't want to go there.  (We're told he said that he didn't want to spend Easter with R, a cousin he is working for & there are some issues.)  So T is having Easter at his house & Duane's mom & (step) dad are going there.  I hate family drama!  

This happened once before when X was mad at Y & didn't want to spend a holiday with them.  We were able to smooth things over some then & work it out, but there is no smoothing this.  We would understand if T had said, "I'm not home often (he's been working in Las Vegas) & i'd rather not go somewhere else for the holiday."  But we don't want to get in the middle of a family issue OR have to make a choice, so we're going for a third option - we're spending the time with my sister in San Diego.  

If the family is going to start drama we will opt out & take a third option.  We will see some of the family on Easter, however, as Duane's niece K is being baptized & most of the family will be there.  We will go to San Diego afterward. 

Now that Grandma is not really in the picture anymore (she's in a skilled care center & has lost most of her memory) this will be happening more & more.  Folks don't really want to travel much for holidays.  Of course, most of the time WE are traveling a lot, but that is the reality of our decision to move 100 miles away.  Still, as time goes on i can see that the big family function will fall away, & the individual families will be the ones getting together.  We need to realize it will happen in time.

I'm staying home next week, tho.  Maybe that will give me a chance to rest a bit. 

I meant to bring the camera today, to take pics of the mountains & how much snow we still have.  I forgot to grab it, however.  The weather has been really nice & warm.  Our non-fruit trees are budding to start leaves.  I hope the fruit trees hold off for a while yet.  We are expecting 3-6 inches of snow in the next couple of days.  

So, in hopes of spring, here is a pic of our tulips last year on 22 April. 


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lisa said...

Family, sometimes can be a pain that is for sure. I am lucky enough that I do the cooking and my hubbies family comes over to my house. The tulips are pretty, mine are sticking up out of the ground now. Won't be long.