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23 March 2010

The internet has ruined my mind!

. . . and other random thoughts.

I've mentioned before, i tend to have between 10 & 15 windows opened at a time, sometimes more.  I flit between them.  I read a couple of paragraphs one place, go & play a game for one round, write a paragraph, check my calender, etc.  I can't seem to focus on any one thing for any length of time.  Sigh.

I can focus on a book for a long time, but if i'm reading a book from a download, i go thru the same "skip here & there" game.  I would like to write more, but when i'm on the computer i seem to have a hard time with my ability to focus.  

I meant to mention it a couple of weeks ago, but i never got around to it.  Two weeks ago we left Sugarbear at 9.30 AM & it was 18F at the time.  We got to Costa Mesa/Newport Beach about 2 hours later.  It is 100 miles to drive, but as the crow flies i'd guess it to be about 80.  I had lunch sitting outside in the sun & wind & almost 70F.  Of course, i don't have to go that far for the warmth, just a 30 mile drive has us down in the desert & heat.  But i still think it funny/strange.  Only in So Cal.  :)

(I didn't go read anything else there - i went & knitted a row on the hat on which i'm working.)

Duane & i were considering a trip to Wisconsin in May.  A cousin of his is getting married.  He'd like to go because he's not seen some of the family in quite a while & we've not been to WI in almost 5 years.  But, he doesn't want to go for other reasons, like the cost, & taking time off work, & he's not very close to this cousin.  Also it conflicts with a Search & Rescue weekend that only happens once a year (the Mud Run).  So we are not going.  I have to say i'm a little relieved because i'm not sure how i'd manage a trip.  The one last year was difficult.  But i also wanted to support him in whatever he really wants to do.  

(That break was actually work - i did an hour massage.)

This is a very pretty little vid, about 2 minutes.  (If you don't like the sound up on your computer - i don't, personally - you don't need it; this is only background music.)  The Best Way Out is Always Through

(Ok, i did go read email, too.)

(And one hand of solitaire.)

Rebecca is working out well.  I'm so pleased.  There are a couple of things.  Duane didn't like how she made one of my standards this week, & we'll have to talk about substitutions.  But over all it is going quite well.  I have to admit i feel guilty about having "household help."  I've been raised that i SHOULD do this myself.  But part of me feels i could get pretty used to this - & spoilt by it!  I almost feel like a "lady of luxury" & that contributes to the guilt.

My mother called Sunday evening.  I knew that she hadn't been feeling well the day before because of something my dad said in response to one of my uncles' email.  (My dad usually doesn't respond to my email, nor would he come to the phone when mother called.)  Anyway, i said asked if she was feeling better & she said, "Who told you that?" about being ill.  I explained, & she said, well, yes that she had had a fever the day before & hadn't felt well.  Then she said, "So i was lazy & didn't go to church today."  She said this in a variety of different ways at least 4 times in our conversation.  "I was lazy today . . . "

I can't claim i didn't know this about her (& my dad as well), but, well, i guess i'd kind of forgotten.  For my mother, the fact that she had been ill & needed to recooperate equated "lazy."  I now understand better why i tend to label myself that way. 

I think that's all.  My mind is blanking out.  

I've not posted pics in a while.  I keep forgetting to take the camera down the hill with us.  The days have been much warmer (nights still in the 20s) but there is still a lot of snow on the mountain.  The road we use is much busier, too, as the road that most people use has been closed for repairs.  They say it will be closed until June (i heard April, but Duane says June & he'd have it direct from the sheriff's dept.).  I figure it will have to be an exercise in patience for me.

I've been meaning to write about a couple of things i make at home to use, a moisturizing spray & home made deodorant.  Next time.  :)



Mrs. Mac said...

I'd like to be 'lazy' for a whole day:) What a way to say a person needs to take a rest, eh?;)

Do make a post about the moisturizing spray (if it's the one you gave me ... as it's all I've been using for the past month and it's half way gone (or should I say half full to be optimistic;) The deodorant I make is working out fine. Since I got back from our trip and have been eating non processed foods for the most part, I've not had the hive problems ... except once in a while if we eat out for lunch .. which is less and less frequent.

Enjoy your household help while you have it. Nothing wrong about it if you need and can afford it.


Amrita said...

Great thoughts in the vid. The Word also says don 't despise the day of SMALL THINGS .

One step at a time

WannabeMommy said...

I loved your little admissions of the distractions that take you away from blogging. I think it's something inherently built into computing... it just fluctuates between immediate and fleeting; I think we can't be blamed for our short attention spans.

Lucy said...

I know what you mean about the internet! And I've always found it hard to read large amounts on screen...hard on the eyes...

Land of shimp said...

Perhaps you could disconnect from the internet when you write?

Don't worry about having household help in, it's okay to make adjustments in life that are helpful to your overall well-being. Anyone who would judge that is fortunate enough to have energy they don't question. So if anyone gives you any guff, just remind yourself that they are lucky souls, and perhaps don't understand all the ways in which they are lucky.

I'm so glad Duane is an understanding, and helpful man, Kathryn. You deserve that kind of acceptance and love.

Mountain Woman said...

So sorry your Mother isn't feeling well. Hope she's better soon.
I do the same things with windows and flitting around all over the place. I try to think of it as multitasking I guess.