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23 April 2010

People are so different!

About once a week i check my "blog counter."  I get an average of maybe 10 folks a day who pop in here to see what i'm doing.  And i might get a couple of comments.  (Jo, someone i follow who has a large number of folks who read her, considers less than 20 comments "not many."  I'm not sure i've ever had 20 comments.)  It doesn't really matter to me, but i am curious to see where folks are coming from, etc.  I write the blog for my own pleasure & to keep a record so that i can remember later.

Anyway, today i was checking & found that someone had come to visit me from a rather mundane comment i'd made on another blog almost a year ago.  I followed that blog for a while.  Some blogs i follow for a while & then "move on."  Others are a permanent part of my reading.  (This is why i tend not to be a public follower - i like the freedom to say, "This doesn't work for me any more" & move on without publicly removing myself from some list.)

This blog was interesting.  She is an eclectic blogger.  She writes about her family life, etc.  But largely she writes about decorating & home projects.  

So today i went back & perused for a while again.  I appreciate her work & how it comes together, but i have to say, it is so so different from my own tastes.  Probably the reason i followed for a while is that she is so different, & probably why i tired of it eventually.  

I tend to not use a lot of color in my home.  I prefer white/cream walls & then use color for accent.  Of course, in this house our walls are mostly the brown of the wood used to build the house.  (I actually really dislike the stain that was used on the walls.  It looks "muddy" to me.  I'd prefer them to be the natural color of the wood, but i can't do anything about it now.)

I also prefer a more simplistic decorating scheme, as does Duane.  I have found that the cute things that stand around need dusting (!) & if they are not well placed, that my house simply looks cluttered.  

Now i enjoy visiting places & seeing pics of which the decorator style is not like mine, but then i'm happy to come home.  My place is feeling cluttered to me today, & i need to work on it because my sis & her friend F are coming tomorrow to stay until Sunday PM.  :)

 Jazz & Mac keeping warm on our bed.  I'm glad they get along so well.  

These pics were taken a couple of weeks ago on our drive down the hill.  There is more snow now as we've had at least a foot of snow drop (on the higher peaks) since these were taken.

These were driving home yesterday, on the same road as above.  It is in the valley on the other side of Sugarloaf.  There was much more smow over there than in Bear Valley.  We got to the pass (Onyx summit, 8443 ft above sea level) & the road was clear & dry.  

These were a couple i took when we got home.  Most of the snow has melted, but it was heavy.  Or juniper bushes were quite flattened by this snow, but they bounce back quickly.  The trillium has a bloom on it that is try to open, & the lilacs have tiny leaves on the end of the branches.  We still have 3 inches of snow on the upstairs deck, however. 

Mac, checking out the snow, back in February. 



Jessica Renshaw said...

Love the photos, Kathryn, as always--intertwined cats as well as snow ones. How do you add a reader counter to a blog? As far as I can tell, my blog is dead in the water after a week and no one is reading it. . .

Amrita said...

The cats look so cute.

Hope you are doing good. I also suffer from chronic fatigue because of arthritis , but somehow keep going.

Mrs. Mac said...

Spring ... where are you?

Bob-kat said...

Great pics and what stunning scenery! I especially like the pic of Jazz and Mac though, which reminds me of my boys who are brothers and very close. Sometimes I find them piled on top of each other in the same cat bed! LoL!