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26 April 2010

Promised pics - i guess spring is here

The pics of my transplanted, indoor kitchen garden didn't come out so well. I have tomatoes & lettuce in the little starter thingy.  Today i bought carrots, zuccini, & some others to try to start, too.

This is the garlic & onions planted/transplanted.  I put rocks around the garlic, hoping it will discourage the squirrels from digging in the planter.  The onions don't seem to be handling the transplant very well.  If they don't look better on Friday, i'll get more & not separate them. 

This is the peach tree that didn't produce anything last year.  The tree that was loaded with peaches doesn't have any blooms yet.

Some of my roses are putting out leaves.

The largest buds on the apple tree so far.

This is the tree we think is a crabapple, but it never has fruit.

This is a self-polinating cherry.  We just planted it last year, so it is very small.

These are the largest buds on the self-polinating Bartlett pear.
Also just planted last year so it is only about 3-1/2 feet high.

This is the non-fruit "ornamental" plum that neither Duane nor i like, 
but it blooms pretty in the spring.

I was shocked when Sis & i went into the back yard.  You can't see these from the house.  The tulips are blooming!  For the past 2 years i've been meaning to transplant them to where they can be seen,  but when i go to do it, i can't find them.  My very smart Sis said, "Let's mark them with a ring of rocks so that you'll know where to dig for them."  ! ! !  It helps to have such intelligent relatives.  :)

These are the tulips in the front by the road.  They always bloom much later than the ones planted where you can't see them.  Less sun by the road maybe?

I had Duane take out one of the juniper bushes.  I'm going to put raspberry canes here.  If it works well, we'll take out the other one later & put a berry there too. I mentioned at the nursery how much trouble we have getting up roots & digging holes for planting trees, etc.  They suggested renting a jackhammer.  !  Yes, we have VERY rocky ground here.

The poor little trillium almost got buried under the juniper brush that was cut.

 The ground under where the juniper was is quite soft & should do well with new plants.

 The yard has tons of sticks & branches broken off this last winter.  It will be my job to go collect them.  I'll do it a little bit at a time.

I guess spring has arrived.  The days have been in the 60s, tho the nights are in the 20s.  The last ski hill open shut down this last weekend, more due to poor ticket sales than to lack of snow.  There is still quite a lot of snow on the mountain.  However, they said that if this storm coming drops "significant" snow, they will open back up.

I hope we are done with the freezes, but it's not likely.  We lost all our fruit 2 years ago over Memorial Day weekend. 



Dawn said...

Beautiful pictures-enjoy the Spring:)

lisa said...

Cool pictures, we planted over 20 fruit trees this year, apple, peaches, cherry, plum, we hope they survive! You have a good day and it is always nice to have fresh veggies.

Kathryn said...

Thanks, Dawn. How are things in WV? Is the dogwood & redbud blooming, yet? I never can decide if i like spring or fall best in your area. They both are so beautiful.

Lisa - i'm jealous! We don't have room for 20 trees & if we did we WOULD have to rent a jack hammer. When we dug the holes for the 2 fruit trees we planted, we probably brought up 40 rocks, including a couple close to the size of my head! Those holes were only about 1-1/2 foot in diameter & 2 feet deep!

I hope your trees grow well & flourish. :)