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17 May 2010

Mostly Pics

Some of the things we had blooming last week.  The second pic is of peach blossoms.

It was a grey day in San Diego yesterday.  I don't know what i was expecting could be seen from the Coronado Bridge, but these just weren't as spectacular as i'd hoped for.

It's a grey day today in Big Bear, too.  Also much cooler.  The top of these two is pear blossoms from the tiny tree we planted last fall.  The bottom one is the apple blossoms near to blooming.

And, finally . . . tah dah!

Duane's Jeep.  It definitely is Duane's.  I hate it.  Drove it into town to be smogged today, & it is simply awful.  I hate driving automatic transmission vehicles.  It is sluggish (like all automatics)  & we should have a 6 cylinder not a 4.  But, as i said, it is a "good enough" solution for now.  (I LIKE the style, however, so Kathryn is definitely making plans for moving up to a Jeep that will drive faster than a slug!  Start saving now . . . )

Duane is over the moon about having a Jeep.  He's been trying to educate me on all things Jeep, CJs & TJs & Willy's.  The only ones i'm really sure about are the KSs.  Don't know those?  They are my own creation.  See, unless the Jeep in question is the Wrangler body style, Duane doesn't consider  them "real" Jeeps.  So if it is a Liberty, or a Cherokee or something like an SUV & not the square, he-man style, it just falls into "KS."  I came up with the term.  It is a "Kind-of/Sorta" Jeep.  I can identify those really well.  

Get to stay home today & rest.  The migraine persisted all day yesterday, but i think it was stress & fatigue, for it was largely gone by the time we got home.



Amrita said...

Nice pix Kathy

Kathryn said...

Thanks, Amrita. I think Duane took most of them.

Organizing Mommy said...

Great pictures. Looks like decent weather also!

Kathryn said...

It has been beautiful weather this week. The valley has been just fantastic, & most of the snow is melted from off the mountains. What is left seems to be melting fast. :)