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02 June 2010

1 June . . . Already?

I've had a habit the past 2 years.  As near 1 June as possible i take a pic of Mt. San Gorgonio as we go down the mountain.  The snow on it varies from year to year.  These were all taken from close to the same spot on the road coming down. 

These two were taken on 2 June 2008.  

These two were taken 1 June 2009. 

And these three were taken today 1 June 2010.  (Rather grey day, today.)

I'm also adding these to the mix, for i don't remember Sugarloaf Mountain having snow on it this late in the season before.  We've had a long winter.  In 2008 we lost all the fruit on our trees due to a late storm (over Memorial Day weekend) & freeze.  But this year we've not had much spring as it has largely remained cold until the past couple of weeks.  And we had snow/freeze the weekend before Memorial Day holiday weekend.  Fortunately, i think we will have some apples.  Many seemed to be frosted, but a couple of days later the tree had a lot of blooms still.  It is not as spectacular as last year, but i think we will still manage some fruit.  :)  

Duane seems to be healing well.  He did come in to have the doc (chiropractor) work on him today.  His L hand/wrist is still very mildly swollen (not much).  I did some lymph work on him when he came into the office.  Also the doc said that he had put out his shoulder & ribs, but only mildly.  

I think i had more to say, but it is late, i'm tired & forgetful.  :)



Amrita said...

Hi Kathryn, thank you for responding to my comment on your other blog.

Your beautiful pictures make me long for the mountains.

I will look up to the hills from whence come my strength and help.

I needed to be reminded of this verse as I have received an emotional battering today - hurt by peopkle I trusted.

I am also struggling to find a person to sign some legalm documents for me - so far no success.

Feel so discouraged and lost in a male dominated society.

Your mountains remind me that there is hope in God.

lisa said...

Those are some fantastic mountains, I like how the mountains change from state to state! I am sorry to say that I am soo glad that we have had a great spring this year, usually we are still pretty chilly this time of year! I am glad to hear that Duane is feeling better, time, time it what it takes. You should of seen when the hubby broke his wrist, he had to have pins put in his arm (external ones).

Kathryn said...

Hi Amrita - it is always good to "see" you. :) We like our mountains.

I'm sorry you are struggling so. Unfairness is so difficult to deal with. Things that defy logic but continue just because of tradition (or something similar) like irrational male domination, are just so frustrating. Sometimes it feels like you are fighting something invisible but totally invincible. It is enough to make you crazy! I hope it gets better soon.

Hi Lisa. I do love mountains. I've lived around them nearly all my life. First on in Knoxville, TN & later growing up in Bozeman, MT. I've lived in California a long time now, in view (sometimes) & drive of the mountains, but i LOVE living in them. :) You are right, they are beautiful in different ways in so many different states.

We are thankful Duane is healing well, & very thankful he didn't need what your hubby had to have.

Thanks fo stopping by. :)

Kathi said...

Beautiful mountains. Our one mountain has been under cloud coverage for a looooong time because we've had so much rain.

By the way, will you please explain the numbers at the end of your posts? You've got me curious.

Kathi said...

Duh...I just looked through and realized that they are ordered. Blame it on being tired. And, please blame the posting about the pictures on the wrong post due to being tired too!

Kathryn said...

Hi Kathi -

I remember the beauty of Mt. Hood. I was only in Portland for about 5 months one fall/winter, but it was one of the most beautiful (& least rain) they'd had in years. It also snowed while i was there, which i understand is rather uncommon. I loved Portland, but to be honest, i doubt if i could handle how many rainy days you have.

I began to number my posts before i realized that blogger does it for me. Since i started, i've continued. Also, on my screen it give me "Comic Sans" font. I copy the # before, paste it & voila! I've got Comic Sans. I'm rather fussy about fonts & Blogger doesn't give me the options i'd like. I saw my blog on a friend's (PC) computer recently & the font doesn't show up there. Maybe because mine is an Apple?