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12 June 2010


 For the past 2 days or so, our internet connection has been wonky.  

Things will load ok for an hour or two, maybe.  Then they won't load at all.  Very limited on what we can do.  I've found it frustrating (& have much more empathy for you, Amrita - this happens to you all the time?).  Don't know what is going on.  Had a tech to the house yesterday & they are doing "maintenance" in our area, but they say our house isn't effected.  ???

I tell you, anyone really wanting to screw with this country doesn't need to use all the scary things the media talks about.  All they have to do is go thru a major area/city with something that will send out EMPs (electromagnetic pulse) & whooey!  Most cars won't work, traffic lights, phones, probably no cell phones or computers or anything else we use to stay connected these days.  Can we live without our technology?

Of course, i don't know the first thing about this really.  I don't know if it could be done like i'm outlining, but my fears are not so much about explosive stuff, but about messing with our technology in place & limiting our ability to function.


We sent a letter, well more than a letter, to the pastor, G, & to the three elders of the Lutheran church.  Have had no response yet, but didn't expect to so soon.  Duane thinks we probably won't get any response at all, but i think they will respond.  If nothing else, probably an official letter stating that the elders are upholding the pastor's decision & maybe some gobbledy-gook on why it was justified.  

Duane is off the hill.  He planned to be gone all weekend, first with a SAR training & then some race in Holcomb Valley.  The SAR training was postponed as they have a real search to conduct today.  (Five months & no searches, to his disappointment, then this one happens the same weekend as a planned training.)

It looks to be sad, however.  A 58 YO man was reported missing on Wednesday, but no one knew where he was or where he'd gone.  Yesterday his vehicle was found in the desert.  This may not be pleasant for Duane's first official search.

He is gone next Saturday, too, as he has a Karate tournament he is responsible to help with in OC.  

In fact, the whole summer seems to be filled with weekends where he is doing training or something.  I'm not complaining, not really.  I miss him, of course.  But with my own functioning so limited, i often feel that i'm preventing him from being more involved & doing fun things he would enjoy.  So i'm glad that he's got something to do that he feels so strongly positive for.

I've only got Rebecca one more week!  AARRGG!  I'm going to miss her a lot.  

I've appreciated her so much for the past couple of months.  I enjoy her.  She "gets" me.  She enjoys doing the work i have for her.  She's been responsible & i could depend on her.  

I've some ideas on what i plan now, but Duane & i need to re-assess having someone here so often.  Rebecca is worried about me & had a friend come to see what she does.  I appreciate that & that friend really wants the job, but i kind of wanted to take this next step on my own.  I'm not even sure exactly what i'll do. 

One of my knives was broken this week.  I think a cat probably knocked it off (while we were down the hill) & it broke at the first screw/dowel-thingy.  The blade comes cleanly off.  It isn't a knife i use often, but i checked into the warranty of the thing.  It is only covered for "manufacturing defect" so i don't think broken counts.  So i looked at the replacement cost of this knife - $70 - ON SALE !!!  

This knife set was a wedding gift, so i had no idea that the giver spent something like $300 for the set.  I'm shocked.  I don't think i adequately appreciated it before, & can't share my appreciation with the giver as he died a couple of years ago.  (Yes, i do remember most of our wedding gifts & who gave them.)

Going to town in a little bit.  I've ordered 2 books & they've come in.  One is Sally Fallon's Nourishing Traditions, which i have so wanted.  I don't remember what the other one is.  Guess i'll find out when i go to get it.  :)  I don't often buy books anymore, & rarely buy them new.  If Duane complains, i'll tell him it is my BD gift for my BD this week.  :)



Mrs. Mac said...

Happy B/D this week! I don't buy many books .. but did buy Nourishing Traditions because it was always checked out from the local libraries.

I'm really surprised that the L. church excommunicated you guys .. why not just part ways? A church we attended before moving did excommunications for adultery and sins of that magnitude .. after a long process though .. I pray you are at peace AND find a new place to worship/fellowship.

Hope you have a restful Sunday.

Amrita said...

Hu Kathy,

Sorry about the Internet thing. Our battle with technology i a everyday thing, but we don 'r get used to it either.

Sorry about the knife. Can you get just the one fnfe replaced instead of buying the whole set?

Maybe the Pastor and elders are musing over your letter.

Kathryn said...

Mrs. Mac - Thank you! I used to buy books a lot. These days i'll pick up used books occasionally, but new ones i buy rarely. I was using the library more a couple of years ago. I've fallen out of the habit.

I have a feeling that we weren't "allowed" to part company because G, the pastor, thinks that what we did IS sin & he was very upset to learn that the congregation didn't know it. I've been told he really reamed them in the homily last week.

I've long been very disturbed by much of what he preaches, but i assumed that i didn't like his opinion (presented as Biblical doctrine) or that i just didn't understand or like Lutheran doctrine. BUT the last 2 sermons we heard him give contained heresy. He, in both services, endorsed a view on salvation that no Christian church i know of would advocate.

I don't know what is happening with him, but i'm very concerned, for him & for the congregation. That is why we are pushing this harder than we would, otherwise. If not for those last 2 sermons, we'd request that the excommunication be lifted & then simply ask them to remove our names from the membership list.

I'm not at the point, currently, where i can think of a new church/new fellowship, but i am at peace about this & know that time will wash it out & that new things will come. In all, i pray that God will be glorified.

Hi Amrita! I can't imagine trying to deal with this every day. Apple computers in general are not suppose to get viruses. What was happening before was the internet service, but what is happening now is strange. Chrome, Safari, AND Firefox have all been crashing when i open Gmail. Firefox will crash other times, too. I'm finding it very frustrating.

Replacing just the one knife is $70 Amrita. The whole set was nearly $300, which is why i'm so surprised. I don't think i used the knife enough to justify $70.

I would actually be surprised if we had an answer from the elders (i don't think the answer will come from G) already. I guess part of me hopes that they will have us in to talk, because i think something major is happening here far beyond what G has done.

Time will tell.