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22 June 2010

Today, when we got to the Farmer's Market at about 9.30, we could see fire on the North Shore.  It was being taken care of.  News reports that it was resolved by about 11.30 AM.  At one point flames were clearly visible (looked like a large tree was engulfed) but i didn't get the camera ready in time to get the pics.

 The copter was dropping water siphoned from the lake, the plane some form of fire retardant.

Which road would you rather travel:

 The first is our trip into OC this AM - & i don't think Duane caught as much traffic as there really was.  At times you can't see all that traffic as well as at others.  Definitely FasTrak (the toll road) paid for itself.  We probably saved 30 - 45 minutes in travel time.  

The second pic is the road into Holcomb Valley taken on Saturday was we were out "picture hunting."

Yes, the second is where i'd much rather be!  But traveling the first means we can afford to live where the second is only minutes away.  :)

I keep meaning to write about the book O Me of Little Faith at my other blog.  Frankly it is so well written i'm having a hard time, because what can i say but to recommend that you read it?

So glad they got the fire contained. 



Amrita said...

Hope the fire did not spread too far Kathryn. Looks bad to me.

Oh ye s I would prefer the valley road too. I love the quiet mountains

Rosemary said...

Those are incredible shots of the fire, I'm so glad everything is okay and you're safe. Whew!

What a beautiful road (of course, you know which one I mean)! I guess I'd have the commute from hell to have such a view. You have a wonderful eye for photos.

Sherrie said...

Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog today and for your sweet comments. I live in Belgrade, MT. I love it here. I'm so glad you are okay. The pictures you took are great!

Jessica Renshaw said...

The second road, please. But I see your point but the first making the second possible!

Kathryn said...

The last report i heard, Amrita, was that less than an acre was burned. I guess someone had been camping up there & wasn't careful. No loss of any buildings or injuries, but of course, living where the vegetation is so dry, fires are always a concern here. (And whoever had the campfire was doing that illegally.)

Hi Rosemary - i was fortunate to be able to get the camera out in time to get these shots. (Duane would have, but he'd just gotten a business call on his phone.)

I do love that road. Come travel it sometime with me. :)

Hi Sherrie - (my favorite cousin's name). Nice of you to reciprocate the visit.

I'm envious of you living in Belgrade thru the summer (although our summers here are not as hot as those in MT, but also not as green) but i don't miss February! We had 5 feet dumped on us the middle of January, but our temps only dip into the negative numbers for one or two nights the whole winter. (I remember missing school - i graduated from Belgrade HS - for having a -70 windchill. I don't miss that!)

Enjoy your summer for me. :)

Jes, you could come travel that road with me, too. :)