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16 August 2010

The pics . . . some commentary

 A small sample of the cars that were at the car show.

Question - now that some of these "antiques" are much older than my parents & not much older than me, are my parents "antiques"?  Am i?

 My FIL Tom didn't bring his car up for the show.  But this looks a lot like his 57 Chevy.  Well, in my memory it did.  Now that i compare the two, maybe not quite so much.

Tom's 57 Chevy at our wedding 6 (almost) years ago.

 Just some pretty shots.  I think the green trees against the blue, blue, blue sky here is simply beautiful & i never get tired of looking at it. 

My cats are relieved my ILs are gone as well.  Tom likes to tease them & they don't appreciate it.  Jazz, in particular, gives him a wide berth.  About 3 years ago he was visiting & threw a shoe at Jazz (long story) & Jazz has never forgotten it.  

We are getting some sprinkles this afternoon.  I can smell the ozone.  Mostly it has just raised our humidity.  It is up to 37%.  I thought we were on the slide to the fall, but the slide seems to have a bit of a bump in it.  Yesterday's high was 81F, & today was almost 80.  The low last night was 51 & i didn't sleep but with a sheet all night long.  The winter weight duvet now seems ridiculous, but after a week of temps in the low 30s it seemed the thing to do!

Seems like i had more to say, but i've forgotten.  ;)



Amrita said...

Those car e are really gran d old beauties, so well maintained. In Indias we also have vintage and antique car shows and rallies.

Rosemary said...

It is always such a pleasure to see the photos that you put here on your blog - you have a great eye for capturing pretty images and eyefuls of color and I love it. Such a nice treat!

My ILs are well...challenging, so I can empathize. My cat would've peed in his shoes from now until eternity if she had a shoe thrown at her (even in jest).

The car show looks fun, I have seen cars that are younger than me with historic tags that just make me LAUGH!!!

(((HUGS))) from your East Coastie buddy!

Anonymous said...

Great photos of great cars. Thanks.

Kathi said...

I would consider those beautiful cars as "vintage."

I do not consider songs that I listened to in high school as "vintage." Which is what one of our radio stations in town calls them. That makes me mad!

donna said...

Blue skies, vintage cars and favorite flower....blessings on your week...

Jo said...

What a cute wedding picture. I love it...! Beautiful. :-)

The car show looked like fun. I'll take the convertible, please -- any convertible.

Kathryn said...

I didn't say that right . . . my parents are older than some of the antiques, i think that makes me vintage, tho i'm not older than most of the cars we saw!

Amrita, is it largely a hobby of the rich, there? Here, it usually costs a lot of money to be able to restore these cars & keep them in this shape.

Hugs right back, East Coast buddy! Since you're younger than i, i suppose i really am vintage! But a large number of these cars were from the 50s or older, so they are older than me!

My FIL thought (or claimed) he was playing when he threw the shoe or boot or whatever. Jazz doesn't trust him at all, tho, & that was 3 years ago.

Hi Mr. Squirrel. Thanks. :) I think the pics are split about 50/50 for ones i took & ones Duane took.

Hi Kathi! I guess i'd not given a thought to songs, but i'd be upset with them calling my songs vintage, too. It is a beautiful show of old cars, & fun too, but a hassle in this little town that is not set up for traffic.

Donna, thanks for checking in. Daisies are my favorite flowers, too. I carried them at my wedding. With Baby's Breath. My "attendants" carried daisies with Michaelmas daisies (a small, purple aster). Blessings on you, dear friend. :)

Hi Jo! Thank you. We have a lot of sweet pics from our wedding.

You don't have long hair & contacts! Wind is a big problem for me, but we have a convertible now! Duane's That Jeep has a cover that comes off. But it is a pain to do. He took it off earlier in the summer, i'm not sure why he put it back on.

Wind in my hair sound nice, but the tangles that ensue are not. Wind in my face is not nice & hurts my eyes. :)

Amrita said...

Hi Kathryn, hope all is well.

My church needs a lot of 'weeding and pruning" This process is painful and stressful but Go d has provided the necessary help and leadership support. Do say a prayer for me.