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28 September 2010

Promised Pics

These are most of the bibs i made.  I gave a couple away before i got pics.  The first two are unfinished in the pic.  I got them done later.  They are very convenient because they just pop over the baby's head.  

These pics of the blanket show the true colors much better.  The lavender edging really doesn't match anything in the blanket, but it needed an edging and the mama doesn't care for pink.  (She's going to get a couple of bibs with pink, anyway.)  She's home now with the baby, and i might get to see them.  The daughter was born a month early (due to complications for the mama which might have jeopardized them both) and weighed less than 5 pounds, tho she is healthy.  I don't know the mama very well, i'm more her mama's friend.  So i may just give the basket of things to my friend to take to the new mama.  

I couldn't get the pics i took of my garden today to load.  Our garden looks pretty sad.  We got a few tomatoes (and now those are among the things i can't eat).  But my parsley looks wonderful!  I'm quite proud of it - tho i had nothing to do with it looking so good.  It simply did well. 

I'll write of the visit with the new doc at another time.  It wasn't bad, i suppose i have some hope . . . but i'm hungry and i think i'm simply going to have to get used to being hungry nearly all the time.  So i'm rather grumpy, too.  And very, very tired. 

Sara's Blog

I'm adding the "You create" button to this post, because i'm joining Sara with this link up of folk's creations.  Sara is someone often called "inspirational" by many other folks, & if you want to experience faith in action, please go read her blog.  She continually amazes me at her faith in trials.  God certainly does work thru her. 



That corgi :) said...

those bibs are so cute!! I like that they are a bit long too compared to some of the bibs you see out in the stores to buy. Very talented you are! nice blanket too! I think it looks like it is crocheted? I knitted blankets similar to that in my youth, but never had an edging around it so that is why it makes me think crocheted? looking forward to hearing about the doctor's visit


Amrita said...

Oh I love them all, specially the mischivieous looking monjeys.

Girl you 've got magic in your fingers. My mum use d to do a lot of needlework and knitting, other ladies of my family too except me.

I show them your handwork.

You should start your own handmade items shop Kath.


My youngest granddaughter would love the monkey. She acts like a monkey most of the time. :-)

Mrs. Mac said...

Oh ... the mums of those babies will be ever so thankful for those darling bibs ... the genius of making them that way, and being stylishly cute is what sets them apart from all the rest. You have done a wonderful job on the baby blanket .. it looks soft.

Our local paper had a very informative article about CFS today written by a local doctor of oriental medicine. Here's her link should you be interested.

Get rested up!

Kathryn said...

Thanks, Betty. These are fingertip towels, hand towels are a bit too big. I've been making these for years, in fact, it occurred to me that i probably made them for the mamas of both of the "girls" having the babies.

The blanket is knit (an easy pattern) but you are right, the edging is crocheted.

Thank you, Amrita. :) I imagine your mama is more talented than i. I tend to choose quick & easy patterns. I lose patience with more complicated things.

Hi Ron. I think the monkey is so cute. They are towels that are available at Kmart. I was there this AM & thought of your comment when i saw they still have them out. Surprise your monkey - i mean granddaughter. :)

Mrs. Mac! That blanket is soft. It is very fluffy/chunky yarn that knit up quickly. I'm recommending they don't put it in the dryer, i don't think it would stay as soft if it were dried with heat.

I hope the mamas like the bibs.

Thanks for the link. I'll check it out.

lisa said...

Those are fantastic! The blanket is just beautiful!

Kathryn said...

Thank you, Lisa. I was pleased with how they turned out. Honestly, i can't often say that. :p

Rosemary said...

Thank you for always being so kind with the comments on my blog. You really brighten my day when you stop by.

I love your bibs, I know you are hearing that a lot over here but it's because they are marvelous. I made something similar for my SIL and she loved them for her twins, used them until they were tattered! All the mamas who will get them are going to love them for their looks and usefulness. Your blanket is so pretty and again, it will be very well loved for being lovely and practical. Also, I think there is something to be said about the love that goes into making something with your hands.

Wishing you good, happy thoughts from the soggy mid-Atlantic.

Kathryn said...

Rosemary - always so happy when you come by. :) I'm glad to think the bibs will be well used.

We were pretty soggy ourselves last week. I know we didn't get as much rain volume as you, but for our area it was pretty heavy. Plus enough hail to make it looked like it snowed!

By now, i hope you're starting to dry out. :)