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01 October 2010

More of the same

It was hot in OC this week, tho not as hot as Monday.  It was also more humid than normal as moisture was moving in.  I was very thankful to be coming home yesterday.

On our way home yesterday, we passed several trees that are turning.  We aren't into "full color" yet (and our "full color" is never anything like the East coast).  But there are a lot of beautiful yellows and we passed several stunning pictures.  When we are coming home, stopping for anything is a challenge.  We want to be at Sugarbear!

So i haven't any new pics to share.  Plus, blogger or Google or something just informed me i haven't any space to upload any more pictures without buying the space.  We will see if this is true.  These pics are ones i took last fall.  They were on my blog last year, but, that was a year ago!  Anyhoo, reproduced pics.  :)

It rained last night.  I think the squirrels are appreciative of the nuts i put out this AM.  They've not been coming around too much recently.  I think they are stealing the pinion pine nuts and aren't as interested in my offerings.

We went together to see the doc on Tuesday.  A lot was said, but (as brief as i can be) i've got a lot of inflammation in my body (no surprise to me, i've been in a lot of pain especially tactile allodynia), & i show positive for h. pylori bacteria.  (This is the bacterial implicated in many if not most stomach ulcers.)  

Doc said that this bacteria is implicated in many other conditions including heart failure.  I've not found many articles saying that, but there are a few with the heart disease issue.  Antibiotics are an option for this.  However, he said that antibiotics clear maybe 60% of this, while he's found herbs to clear 80%.  Antibiotics are never my choice of course.  The down side is that herbals take longer, like 4 months.  Of course, some people end up on antibiotic therapy that can last months, too.

He also recommended an herbal that i take for inflammation.  It is taken twice a day on an empty stomach with a 16 oz water push, because we want it to move quickly from the stomach to small intestine.  He's also recommending an herbal to help with carb cravings.  Oh, and Vitamin D, but i already take that.  I just need to up my dose (and be sure i do it daily, which is a big issue for me).  

So, we are going to follow the instructions for a 3 month trial period.  The fact is i've been in more pain the past few days.  I'm thankful that it worked out that i've only started one new supplement, because it seems to be causing some issues.  It made me realize that starting 4 things all at once would not be a good idea.  Also, Cindy (dear friend who also sees this doc) suggested starting small and working up to his recommendations.  Too much too soon can create problems as well.

Duane is kind of freaking that i'm not taking the h. pylori herbs yet.  He sees heart-failure impending for me!  I've told him that a week won't make a difference.  H. pylori is contagious, we were informed.  Duane needs to be tested, too, to be sure he hasn't got it.  If he does, he will probably go with antibiotics to treat.  Also, he needs to be treated, for if he has it i'll just get it again.  I guess the urgency is there in me, too, for the other night i dreamed that after being tested the docs told Duane he had to come in immediately when they got the test results.  The idea was that his infection was dire and urgent.  So if i'm dreaming that for him, i guess i'm concerned.  We need to get an appointment for him soon.  I think it is 3 years since he last had a general check up.

I saw John yesterday and wasted most of my time moaning about the food issues.  But it did occur to me, while speaking to him, that change that comes about gradually can be overlooked.  (I see this all the time with my clients.  "Are you feeling better since i saw you last week?"  "Oh no, i'm about the same."  "So you still hurt in your shoulder/leg/back/etc.?"  Surprised look on their faces.  "Ah, no, i haven't had that this week.  Humm, i guess i am better.")  So John and i discussed charting pain and energy levels for the next few months.  Then i can compare, and if i really need a visual, to do a graph.  When i mentioned this to Duane, he suggested tracking sleep, too.  Which is a good idea.  

I don't think i'll do this every day.  That would get overwhelming and bring me a huge amount of data.  I think if i chart on Tuesday (the day we go down the hill, but also record how active i was over the weekend), Thursday (the day we come home, but also record how busy i was at work and on Thur. which is the day i tend to run a lot of errands), and Saturday (after a day of rest on Friday), that this will give me the info i need to keep track.  

I'm still bummed and whinging/whining about food, but i'll adjust and adapt.  It just takes a change of mindset.  I've already informed Duane that for a week or so at least he is "on his own" for food as i just can't cope.  I don't like that, frankly, because he isn't good at eating at proper times or choosing the healthiest food.  Until i have down what i'm going to do, however, it is just too overwhelming to try to do meals for both of us.  

Y'all have a lovely day.  We have the most beautiful weather following the storm last night.  The sun is shining with blue, blue, blue skies, a few puffy clouds, 69 F, humidity at 33% (which is high for us), low last night was only 49 (about as high as i've seen it since mid-summer).  It is a glorious day.  :)



That corgi :) said...

those pictures from last year are so pretty! we need to get up to your neck of the woods later this fall and the colors (plus I've never been there)

sounds like you got a lot of good advice from the doctor. Honestly, and I'm not a doctor just someone that types medical reports, I never heard of a connection between H pylori and heart failure before, but like I said, I am not a doctor so it is good to listen to and follow the advice he gave you.


Anonymous said...

I'm not an expert but I believe the antibiotics treatment of H. pylori is quite effective but you need to take a combination of antibiotics and you do need to make sure you finish the course. Great photos and of course, I like what you did to that squirrel.

Kathryn said...

Hi Betty - you'll have to come visit us! I'm constantly trying to twist folks' arms to come see us. Duane has some cousins who live down in your area.

I did find some reports online that do the connection between h pylori & heart disease, but none of the other things he mentioned. Maybe i didn't look hard enough, or maybe they are things that don't show up.

Hi Mr. Squirrel. I don't do antibiotics these days. I relate my current moderate to severe lack of functioning to the last time i was prescribed them, more than 3 years ago. I don't respond well to meds in general, & antibiotics in particular. So i'm thankful for herbals as a treatment, tho, as i suspected, they are going to be expensive. But i'm glad to know the antibiotics are likely to work for Duane.

We love our squirrels!

Jeanne said...

Aaaah, beautiful pictures!!! Don't ya just LOVE it here?! :)

Kathryn said...

Jeanne - thank you! Yes, yes we do LOVE it here! :)

Amrita said...

Nature is at her best aroun d your place. Have a good time at your grandma 's 91st birthday.

Rosemary said...

I'm sorry you are hurting, my friend, and sure wish that there would be a breakthrough. Very sorry about the h. pylori find, I hadn't heard about heart failure but I knew of the connection regarding ulcers. I am crossing fingers that you will get relief soon. Send good thoughts and I loved the photos (they're wonderful the second time around too).