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12 October 2010


Thanks for all the support.  I'm actually healing much faster than i usually do, so fast that i'm rather astounded.  I am attributing it to the fact that i down 1/2 a teaspoon of Manuka honey every time the cough comes on.   Manuka honey is serious medicine.  It is used for a number of different medical treatments.  Locally grown raw honey is good, too, but Manuka honey is the best when it comes to fighting off bugs.

Just for the record, the other things i used are:  Holy basil; colloidal silver; coltsfoot; oregano oil; olive leaf oil; vitamin D3; grapefruit seed extract; fresh lemon juice (in tea); fresh grated ginger (in tea); licorice, peppermint, and nettle tea; astragalus.  Oh, i also drank tart cherry juice, which is good for inflammation.  This is off the top of my head, i may have tried a few other things.  

I'm thankful to be healing so quickly from the assault.  On top of the damage done to my lung by the sunflower seed, i let it be assaulted by medical care as well as they searched for the seed.  (In this case i'm not running down the medical care, simply saying that the necessary procedure was invasive and would have done damage, too.) 

I met two other Big Bear bloggers in the past couple of weeks.  We went to Jeanne's home for a garage sale.  Isn't her house gorgeous?  I got a lap quilt for Duane's grandma at Jeanne's garage sale and all Duane's family just loved it.  Yesterday i was blessed to meet Jeanine and her husband at the last Garden Club meeting of the year.  I'm not much of a gardener, but i was so impressed with the group and how helpful and friendly everyone was.  I look forward to being part of that group when it resumes next year.  Of course, David is a long term blogger from here in Big Bear.  I knew him before i knew he blogged!  He is probably our "longest" friend here in Big Bear.  I am so thankful that he is our (both Duane's and mine) friend.

I don't think Duane reads my blog much.  He may visit on occasion, but he is not a regular reader.  Why should he read the very things he hears me say (and re-say, as i tend to repeat myself)?  So i showed him the last post on the funny knits.   He laughed at the oversize, out of gauge (third) pic.  But he really laughed at the last one.  This is the change he recommended for it:

Hope y'all are having a great week!  Duane is now gone off the mountain.  He'll be back Thursday.  I'm home, still recovering, but feeling much, much better.  And very thankful, too.



Mrs. Mac said...

What an ordeal to have endured. Glad to read that you're on the mend.

Kathryn said...

Thanks Mrs. Mac. :)

Are you having fall weather up your way?

Amrita said...

All your cough remedies sound very interesting. We have lots of herbal an d ayurvedic concoctions here too. Rubbing eucalytus oil on the throat also helps.

I like Duan 's improment on the head gear.(smile)

Its so good to know David personally.

That corgi :) said...

glad you are feeling better! neat there are a few fellow bloggers in your area that you are able to spend time with :)

(to answer your question about me/hubby sharing his parents' wedding anniversary, sometimes we celebrated it together, but for a long time we lived many miles away from them. the year we got married, my SIL was expecting a baby in September, we wanted to get married the day we met, a year later, but didn't want to take the chance she might be in labor and my brother was going to walk me down the aisle, so we decided to postpone the wedding and get married a month later on hubby's parents' anniversary :)

thanks for the anniversary wishes :)


Kathryn said...

Well, i got the Holy Basil after your suggestion (last spring?) Amrita. It is in capsules. I haven't seen it to try to grow. If it is as delicate as sweet basil, i'd have a time with it. I find sweet basil difficult to grow in our cool weather.

It is nice to know David personally.

Hi Betty. It is fun to meet folks i've met on line. And i'm quite blessed because i want to be more social with people but haven't had much luck with that. Jeanne is in the quilting guild & Jeanine seems to be connected in a lot of ways here.

Betty - what day did you meet in September? Hope you had a wonderful day. :)

lisa said...

I am glad that you are feeling better. Is it hard to find all the herbs and things that you need? What is manuka honey? Hopefully I don't kick my self in the butt for not knowing! (the hubby is the honey nut!) The sweaters sure were funny!

Jo said...

Kathryn, I just read over your last two blog posts. Omigoodness!! I'm glad you're feeling better. You know what is really good? Take a tablespoon of honey and slowly sip a little bit of it. It works like a charm...!

Kathi said...

I'm sorry to hear that you've not been well, but, glad to hear that you're getting better! It's interesting to hear what you're using for your cough. Every year I tend to get a bad cough in the change from summer to fall. I think it's allergy related, but it last for a long time. I'll have to look into some natural remedies.

Kathryn said...

Hi Lisa, thanks. Most of the herbs i found at our health food store. You can also buy them online. They usually are cheaper that way, but it takes longer for them to arrive.

Manuka honey is honey from New Zealand from the tea tree. It is has very powerful antibiotic, antiviral, & antifungal properties. MRSA is a type of staff infection that is very common in hospitals, & is becoming more common elsewhere, especially schools. MRSA skin infections respond very well to a dressing of Manuka honey.

Thanks Jo. That is what i've been doing, but a smaller amount. I've been doing that with a teaspoon (or half a teaspoon) because i was taking it so often & didn't want to have sugar overload! Honey is amazing. :)

Hi Kathi - I'm sorry you were sick for part of your trip. That is no fun. I'm doing well, thanks. I prefer natural remedies, tho sometimes they don't taste very good. I've a number of sources to recommend for info, if you are interested. Just found a new one today.