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05 November 2010

Another Day

And i'm thankful.  While i may never be a mama or a grandmama, i just realized a couple of days ago reading Jo's Blog that i'll  never be a mother in law, either!  :)

I'm thankful for the folks who are willing to read my words and respond back.  :)  I try very hard to answer comments, but i don't always manage.  I appreciate when folks answer back from comments i make at their blogs, 'cause i know then that they care.  I tend to (still) be a bit shy and assume that if they don't respond at least occasionally, that they really don't care to hear what i've got to say.  

I'm thankful for clean sheets on my bed.

And a large stack of firewood outside, even if much of it still needs to be cut.  

I'm thankful for a Friday with nothing planned so that i can rest.  I'm thankful that we were able to harvest some pine nuts from our trees.  And i'm thankful that even when i'm resting/watching TV that i can knit so that i still feel somewhat productive.  I'm thankful that i enjoy crafting and can keep myself busy that way.  And i'm thankful that i enjoy reading and my eyes are still sharp enough that i can do that!



That corgi :) said...

all great things to be thankful for! I have never had pine nuts, but I have heard they are good. I'm really bad about responding back when someone comments on my blog, I know there are people who are faithful about it. I do though appreciate everyone's comments and I also, if they ask a question or comment about something that I have something more to say about, I'll leave a comment on their blog after I comment about their entry and usually will doing it in brackets, make sense?

for example:

(thanks for following my blog :)

have a good weekend!


lisa said...

I used to answer my comments and it sounds like I should go back to doing it. But I wanted to beable to go and see other peoples blog and comment on their blog and I always find myself on the computer for hours and I thought that I would save time if I just did the comments on their blog! I do care and I would rather read your blog and comment here than at my comments page. I love to hear all my comments just so you know that! I love to hear from you and I do love to visit.

Kathryn said...

Well, i wasn't clear on that! I was not speaking of either of you!

When i go to blogs where we share back and forth commenting at one another's blogs, however that happens - my blog, your blog, in an email - i know that you care! Both of you come here & let me know you came. :)

I was talking about several blogs i've visited where i might read for a few months & comment a few times, but i never know if they even bother reading the comments. Or they seem to respond to other people but never to me. I know i'm being a bit thin-skinned here, but if it happens enough, i think they would just prefer i didn't bother.

I've had a few folks in my life (mostly in college & just after) whom i just seem to irritate. I never understood why or what it was i did. I just knew that they didn't have a lot of patience with me. If it was someone i had to be with (like a professor) i learned (usually) to keep my mouth shut. I assume, at certain blogs, that if i'm making comments but the other person doesn't seem interested in responding there, or reading my blog & responding, that i've run up against someone who gets irritated by me.

If it is a blog like the Pioneer Woman, who has thousands if not hundreds of thousands of readers, i'm reading there just for enjoyment not to make a "connection."

But if i'm going to a blog like my own, every day stuff, and they have between 10 & 100 readers/followers, then i am looking to trying to "connect" if even in a small way. Some blogs i follow are for specific info - money tips, crafting, etc. I rarely comment there & if i do i'm not looking to make that same connection.

I don't know if i explained this any better. And, of course, i never know if anyone ever returns to read my response to comments, but i know i do myself at blogs who do the same thing. I appreciate when someone acknowledges me & so i try to do that here.

Mrs. Mac said...

I love peeking in on you each day reading your 'thankful' posts! I just read the following quote today and though I'd share it with you.

"I am still determined to be cheerful and to be happy in whatever situation I may be, for I have learned from experience that the greater part of our happiness or misery depends upon our disposition and not our circumstances." ~Martha Washington

Have a blessed weekend!

Rosemary said...

You always make me think long and hard about topics and that's a good thing - you have insight that I find very interesting and informative. Would we agree on everything in real life? Probably not, BUT I do think we would have great friendly discussions that we'd enjoy and be able to stay friends. Which is amazing in this day and age.

I like your blog not only for the discussions and topics you pick up but also for the photos and stories, the crafts and progress you are making with them.

I don't know that I'd want the pressure of a MEGA blog like the Pioneer Woman because I wouldn't want the pressure of keeping up the quality and quantity of posts. I just like having my blog to keep me, dare I say it, real and grounded. Anyway, sending you hugs from the East Coast.

Kathryn said...

Thank you, Mrs. Mac. Love the quote! I should have it tattooed on me somewhere . . . but i wouldn't see it enough if i put it on my forehead!

Rosemary, how very kind of you to say. :) We could sure have some interesting discussions, couldn't we? And we could have so much fun making cards together (although you completely outshine me in that area).

I don't want to have a blog like the Pioneer Woman, not that i could. I sure enjoy reading hers, but she is not in the "i aspire to be like her" category. Like you, i simply want to be myself, real and grounded.

Hugs right back from the West Coast (tho sadly, i think a cool wind is coming with them!)