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06 November 2010

Blue skies and green trees

I could look at our deep, deep blue skies and our green, green trees for hours on end. 

If it looks as tho i'm reposting pics you've seen before, i am.  I had not realized (or paid attention) to the fact that Google will only allow you to load so much space before you are "full."  I hit "full" recently and it would not allow me to load any more.  I went thru my "albums" and removed a lot of pics.  But if i remove pics from the albums that i've posted in a blog, that pic disappears.  I didn't want to do that.  Unfortunately, i've loaded the same pic in a couple of times and i don't know which one is "safe" to remove.

I don't want to purchase more space from Google, at least not at this time, so i'm not loading in many new pics because to do so will make me "full" again before long.  

I'm so thankful that we live in "wide open spaces."  Orange County is just too crowded for this country girl!  Of course, we have to work there a couple of days a week so we can afford to live in the "country."  We don't really live in the country, but it feels more like it here than in the real city/suburbs.  

I'm thankful that Duane is able to be part of the Search and Rescue team here.  I'm thankful that he enjoys it so much.  I'm so thankful that they appreciate the skills he brings to the job.  

I'm thankful that we have so many blessings.  I'm thankful that this afternoon i'm able to go assist packing boxes to be sent to needy children for Christmas (tho i must admit i'm a little anxious, too, as i don't know the folks there and i'm not as skilled at socializing as Duane).  I'm thankful that when i called to see what they still need to fill those boxes i was informed that they really have all they need already, but they DO still need funds to use for mailing the boxes.  So rather than expend my energy shopping for something, i'll be able to simply donate the funds i'd set aside.  Easy.  :)

I'm thankful for all the wonderful folks i've met online.  Even tho i'm somewhat home bound with my limitations and i'm not very confident at socializing, blogging, blog reading, and other internet activities still give me the feeling of being involved.  I continue to be so thankful for all of you who share your lives with me and take the time to comment.  :)



That corgi :) said...

I did hear that Google had a limit on how many pictures one could have, interesting!! love the pictures you shared! hope the volunteering time went well; seems like it was for a good cause!


Organizing Mommy said...

Yes, I've been a bad blogging friend and haven't been here in a while, but thanks for not forgetting about me! I've been busy up to my eyeballs.. but I think it will slow down a little. Good things to be thankful for. Hope your little box packing goes well!

Kathryn said...

Hi Betty. I guess i had kind of known that, but didn't really pay attention until i hit the limit. We enjoyed volunteering. It didn't take a lot of time.

OM! I know you are very, very busy. How nice of you to come. Life happens, but it is fun to visit when we can. :)