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09 November 2010

Down the hill

Our low last night was 16F !  It was still pretty chilly when we left around 9 AM.  

The road down the hill was simply golden in places.  The live oaks turn a yellow/gold/bronze color.

This is from last year, but this year looks much the same.  There is one curve we take that every time we come upon it (this time of year) it simply takes my breath away.  It is stunning.  

 I had fun the other night, spending a lot of time looking at old things still available from the Vermont Country Store.    My granddad always loved the soft peppermint sticks they had, instead of the rock hard sticks that are more common.  So many other older things there too, formulations of shampoo from the 70s and those funky elves that are holding their knees.  A fun place to visit.

I'm thankful that we have such a beautiful drive up and down the mountain.  I'm so very thankful for that 2 hours each way that Duane and i have together.  I'm thankful that our kitties don't mind us being gone (in fact they seem to prefer us to be away - they get regular treats that way!)  

I first saw this over at Amrita's blog, but i think it is accurate.  I'm so thankful for bloggy friends.  And i am so thankful for each and every comment.  It makes my day that y'all would take the time to speak to me.  :)

I'm thankful that i can work, if only a little bit, and that where i work does appreciate what i do.  And i am very, very thankful that my certificate arrived in the mail this morning, so i don't have to wait another week to post it at work!  :)  It is a very pretty document.  I need to get a frame so i can hang it.  



That corgi :) said...

it is absolutely beautiful! I bet it indeed is a very scenic drive!!! Great that the certificate came in the mail too so you could display it! 16 degrees! brrrr!! but I bet it felt good in a way, especially after some of the hot days you could have gotten down in OC :)


Kathryn said...

Yes, i'm simply thankful all the way around.

Everyone in OC is complaining about how "cold" it is, but the low here is not as low as our high at home. :)