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19 November 2010

Friday - storm is a coming!

A quick one for today.  If i've said these things before, i'm still just as thankful.

I'm thankful our wood stove is working so well.

I'm thankful we have the money to pay our bills and keep food on the table.  We know so many others who are struggling.  

I'm thankful my hubby is so wonderful and wise.  

I'm thankful that folks are so good to read my silly, funny, (sometimes complaining) words and leave me wonderful comments, even when i'm not always so good at replying or letting them know how much i appreciate it.  (Yes, i am talking about YOU!)  

:)  I'm thankful that smiles are free.

Duane is going down the mountain for SAR training tomorrow and Sunday.  He is going to work in OC on Monday and return Tuesday afternoon (with my sis).  With the storm coming (although not a lot of snow is predicted) we both feel it is safer for him to simply stay down the hill.  When he is done with training on Sunday, he can head into OC & put in a full day's work on Monday, and i won't have to worry about his commute.  It means he will be gone a LONG time! But i'm glad he is willing to do it.  Best be safe. 



That corgi :) said...

I think it is wise you all decide to have Duane "ride out the storm" somewhere less dangerous than trying to commute in the possible snow storm. I too am glad smiles are free :)


marygems said...

God Bless you and keep you safe through the storm! For the uninitiated, what is SARS training and what is OC ? your unamerican fan, Mary- smiling at you today!

Kathryn said...

Hi, Betty, yes i'll feel better not to have Duane on mountain roads or freeway during snow or rain.

Mary - if something isn't clear, i often have the abbreviations i use listed under a tab at the top. Sorry this isn't more clear, but i get impatient writing it in every post, tho i apologize and know that i should.

"SAR" is Search and Rescue. Duane belongs to the local chapter and is often off doing training. He really enjoys it.

"OC" is Orange County. It is the smallest county in California, just south of Los Angeles County (more folks know LA than OC, although there are some recent US TV shows that have made OC better known). We live in San Bernardino County, which is the largest county in California, but every week we go to OC for a couple of days to work.

Thank you for the well wishes. I don't think the storm will be very much, but the wind is sure blowing. :)

kare said...

My father used to go to Big-bear for the holidays; His mountain retreat to get away from it all. Enjoy the "Powdered Sugar snowglobe" for Us!

Meadowlark said...

Hey chicklet... thinking of you as the storms blow through. Our mtns got a good 25-30" woot!!!! Nothing here in the lowlands (3600 feet elevation) but I'm crossing my fingers.

And I'm thankful for the new sewing machine, but a bit afraid to use it!!!!


Kathryn, that's a very good thankful list :-)

We got a little light rain here this morning (Sunday). I think it's heading your way. Stay safe :-)


Bob-kat said...

I love your list of things you are thankful for. It's a great reminder that even when things seem crappy, things are never all bad if you look :) thanks for that.