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23 November 2010

I won't do that again!

Well, we had all of 3 to 4 inches of snow.  The storm was not as bad as predicted, but the wind blew a lot and drifted what we had.  I've been going thru a lot of wood!

Because i thought it was going to get warmer and the driveway would probably melt off, i didn't go out and shovel.  Really bad mistake.  Yes, some has melted off.  But every tire track, every footstep, and particularly the berm turned icy.  I've spent an hour (in divided time so i don't get too worn out) today breaking ice and clearing the driveway.  I got most of the ice off.  What is left will probably melt tomorrow.  But had i simply gone out on Sunday afternoon once the storm stopped, i probably could have done it much quicker and with less of an energy expenditure.  That will teach me not to procrastinate!  

It is pretty chilly out right now.  Local report (the "local" news in LA is rarely correct) is that it is 28F with wind chill at 22, but the wind has gusted up to 32 MPH and it sounds like the wind is just getting started.  

Often, when i take a week off and stay home it feels to me like i've not done much of anything.  That is not true this week!  I still have so many things on my "to do" list yet, but i have stayed quite busy.  Not all the corners i wanted cleaned have been done, but a couple of important ones have.  :)

I did take some pictures today of the fire in our stove, and the snow, and the (mostly) cleared driveway, but i don't know what Duane did with the cord to the camera to load them.  So here is a pic of the snowbear my sis made last year when we got snow 2 days after Thanksgiving.  :)

It has been hard the last couple of days to wake up to Duane's side of the bed empty.  Yesterday i was listening to something funny on the internet (i usually work with the sound off, i find the sound distracting), and thought, "Duane will wonder what i'm listening to!"  It was a couple of minutes before i realized that he was NOT in his office as i am used to.

So, i am thankful today he is returning home.  And i'm thankful that the roads are now largely clear so travel should be safe.  They (Duane and Elsa) are coming up later than they intended.  I think Duane had a frustrating day at work, from what i've gathered.  I'm thankful that i had the energy to get the drive done so it is ready (and hopefully not icy at all).  I'm thankful K came by for a while today to do a really good vacuum in preparation for my sis coming.  Elsa is somewhat allergic to the cats.  

I'm thankful that i did NOT slide into a tree today (when i was on an icy side street).  I'm thankful that N does not seem extremely upset that i'm having K to work again.  (It was K's job before anyone else's, but K was in Australia for a year.)

Yesterday i was thankful that K came and did such a wonderful job on the house.  I love and appreciate her so much.  She is such a grace in my life. 



kare said...

Ahhh! Cute snow bear!

My husbands Dad used to say "Snow: Mother Nature brought it, Father time can take it away!" That was his attitude AFTER he moved away from it.

i had to deal with the "ice-scrape-ades" at least once when i left it til later..not fun.

We too had a chilly night..that arctic air! It was a two cat night :)
Stay cozy!


That corgi :) said...

that is a cute snow bear! 3-4 inches for the first snow of the season is a good start!! hoping Duane makes it home safe and sound!


lisa said...

Love the snow bear! Glad Duane is coming home. I sure can't wait for my hubby to come home tonight. You have a nice Thanksgiving! The wind has been blowing like crazy here, didn't sleep to much because of it!

Amrita said...

Whoooooo that 's cold.

Have a warm an d Happy Thanksgiving

Kathi said...

It was actually 22 degrees last night when I was driving home from work! That's amazing for Portland in November!

I'm sure it will be more than nice to have your husband home. I know I don't sleep well when mine's gone.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Stacey said...

I like reading about your holiday weather. It is so warm here (even for Texas). Thanksgiving Day will be 82 degrees and I won't be wearing that sweater that I had picked out! We are expecting a cold front, but one day too late for the holiday. :(

Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Love the snow bear. :)