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28 November 2010

Mish Mash

We got another 1-1/2 inches of snow.  The total so far for the season (in the valley, at least) is 7 inches.

Think we'll go to the Baptist Church this AM.  We've not been for a long time.  It isn't a format i care for, and (yep i'm bad) when i think of that service, all i can think of is an hour of sermon.  That's simply too long for me!  They have about half an hour of music and announcements, too.  It just doesn't feel like a "finished" service to me when the pastor quits talking and simply says, "Have a good week!"  But we do enjoy his speaking, and it is one of the ones we said we'd attend sometimes.  

The Lutheran (these days the one we attend is "the Lutheran" as opposed to the one we were kicked out of) is planning a joint service with the Presbyterians in a couple of weeks.  I think that is cool.  I'm very much into being ecumenical (united).  Not that i think it is entirely possible.  Folks have too many differences of opinion and preference of style.  But i like it when these churches can at least dialogue.

There is a boutique in town, today being the last day.  It is a bunch of different products, mostly from folks off the hill.  We are planning to stop by.  I was thinking it costs $5 to get in, and $10 to get in for Elsa and myself was too much.  Turns out it is only $3 admission, and there is a two for one coupon, so we could have gone, but neither of us were that much into it.  But today is "local's day" so Duane and i can go without paying admission.  I don't know if we will buy anything.  I think i need a better Christmas list in hand before we go.  But i haven't any idea what to get the nieces and nephews, so maybe this will help me have some ideas.  

I really need to get farther on the projects i'm doing, too.  I did some while home last week, but once Thanksgiving is past, i begin to feel a sense of urgency.  I'm trying to "scale down" Christmas gifts and giving, but that means i try to make many of the gifts, and that can become its own pressure.  I've not sent out Christmas cards or letters the past couple of years.  We really need to do that this year.  I wanted to get the letter ready last week, but got distracted with other things. 

We saw Harry Potter yesterday.  I think it is very well done, tho it has been a while since i read the book so i didn't catch if they deviated from that.   The whole Harry Potter thing is quite an issue for some Christians.  Quite another discussion.

Today i am thankful i can breathe!  Night before last i woke up gasping for air because my nose was plugged but i kept trying to breathe thru my nose.  Mouth breathing in this dry air is really uncomfortable, so i guess i knew i had to breathe thru my nose, but simply could not do it.  Starving for air is uncomfortable!  I'm so thankful that this is not a problem for me normally.

I'm thankful i had such a nice visit (if short) with my sister Elsa.  It is delightful to spend time with her.  And i'm thankful she's willing to come, because she's somewhat allergic to our cats, although i do try to be sure the house is well cleaned before she comes.  And the room we put her in is blocked off from the cats, but that means that it doesn't get much heat.  It gets cold in there!

I'm also thankful for a (mostly) warm house and reliable transportation in our snowy weather!  :)

(P.S. - "normal size font" looks really small to me when i post, but the next size up, "large" looks much too big.  I'm erring on the big size.)



kare said...

Hi Kathryn,
Love that jeep...those are good here in the desert sand too!
i've been missing Sister times these days.Glad you had such precious time with yours.
P.S. i can read your posts without glasses:))
Happy Holidays!

Kathi said...

I think Brian has the same Jeep! It looks good in the snow.

I loved this last HP movie. I think it was the best one yet. They made a wise choice by dividing this book into two movies. There's just too much that can't be skipped.

I have read all of the HP books several times. Honestly, I don't understand (but to some degree do understand) all of the hype by Christians surrounding it. I find it no different than Tolkien's or Lewis' works. They are great stories about friendship and adversity. The romance is subtle and appropriate and is not the main subject of the book such as recent vampire inspired books.

I reread book 7 while on vacation and then the kids and I did a movie marathon for 1-6 before we went to see the new movie. After watching the previous movies I want to reread the first 6 books again!

lisa said...

Unfortunately, I am one of those that doesn't go to church. Not that I don't beleive in our Lord Jesus but the weekend is the time that the hubby is home and we try to get all the farm work done in two days that isn't able with just me during the week.. I can your font just great!

That corgi :) said...

I don't mind the length of a sermon as long as it is well said (if that makes sense). If it has good points, Scripture to go along with points, etc then I sometimes wish they would go on and on. But I do like to have a bit of closure to with a sermon and definitely a pray to close it. I am glad you enjoyed your visit with your sister! And wow, more snow! that is fun :)


Amrita said...

That looks so cold.

Our temp would be like summer for you.

I like short, well planne d church services. The drags bore me.

Hope you are feeling well.

Kathryn said...

Hi Kare -

Duane loves That Jeep, and i've come to appreciate it!

I was able to read the smaller type, but this just seems to be easier!

Happy holidays right back. :)

Kathi - i think Brian's Jeep is newer (he made a disparaging comment about square headlights!) Ours is a '95, the last year they made the YJ with the square headlights.

We really enjoyed HP. I'm ready to re-read the books. And i've recently watched most of the movies again.

Lisa - if my hubby was away all week and we had as much work as you have with the farm, i think we wouldn't do church much, either.

I'll be honest, when we first moved to BB (almost 4 years ago) finding a church was important to me because we don't know many folks here and i thought it would be a way to create some friendships and become part of the community. It didn't work that way so much at our first church, but we are gradually making more connections. And we met David (who comments here sometimes) at that first church, so it definitely was a blessing!

Hi Betty - guess i've always been rather critical of sermon length. The Baptist pastor is very interesting, but even with his dynamic style, i find myself checking the time at half an hour or so and becoming squirmy for the rest of the sermon.

Yes, we have fun in the snow! :)

Amrita, it has been cold! Last night's low was 5F, and yes, your winter temps are our summer temps. But i think i'd prefer our winters to your summers. I don't manage heat very well.

I'm doing fine, thanks. Just an irritating sore throat.

Stacey said...

I'm happy to hear good comments about the new HP movie. Looking forward to seeing it! My brother saw it recently and called me with some follow-up questions (I've read the books; he hasn't). My lack of ability to answer him has prompted me to re-read book 7! I'm about 5 chapters in and surprised to find how little I'd remembered.

Glad to hear of all you're thankful for and that you enjoyed the holiday!