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04 November 2010


I'm thankful we are going home.  Thursday is always a  joy because we are going to Sugarbear & our cats & our "regular" lives.  Two + days in OC is just . . . passing time until we go home.  :)

When we get to the top of Onyx summit, we sing,

Sugarbear . . . Sugarbear . . . Sugarbear . . . Sugarbear!
Sugarbear, aren't we lucky?  Sugarbear we're coming home!

Of course, sometimes Duane adds in other funny lyrics. 

I'm also thankful that we have the money to pay our bills.  I wrote the checks for them yesterday.  We are going to be tight for the next week, but we had the money for them.  :)  In the current economy, that is a big deal.



That corgi :) said...

I guess that is why they always say "there is no place like home". Especially when you live some place gorgeous like you do!

Always to be thankful to pay the bills these days indeed!

100 degrees down here today....


WannabeMommy said...

It's so good to be thankful... it just brings more things to be thankful for coming your way!

Kathryn said...

I know lots of folks who are not homebodies. They are constantly on the go & doing things. I'm just not one of those folks, although, if i didn't have to be away from home 2 nights a week i might not be quite so bad. But for me, home is best! :)

We passed thru NE OC & Corona & Riverside where it was 100F today. Much too hot for me! Even in BB, the high has been in the upper 60s. Hot for our area this time of year. Hope you don't melt, Betty.

Hi, WBM. :) Yeah, i'm really struggling with the gratefulness issue this year. I have the tendency to be more mad & sad. So i think this is going to be good for me.

Jeanne said...

Welcome home! :)

I was surprised by the trick-or-treaters, too! I had one bag of candy, expecting "just a few." When that started to run out I sent Tony down to CVS for more and passed out quarters in the meantime!


Mrs. Mac said...

I like your upbeat gratitude/thankfulness. A cheery outlook is good medicine for what ails you:)

Kathryn said...

Hi Jeanne, thank you!

I was surprised to read how many kids you had come! In our 4 years in BB, we have only had a handful come, the past 2 years no one came at all. I didn't bother to buy candy this year, but thought, if anyone shows up i'd raid my change jar. Duane was off helping in the Village for the festivities.

Thank you, Mrs. Mac. I think i struggle with gratitude, but it is much better to look at life that way, i think. :) Easier to be content when you look at what is good rather than what is not so good.