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13 December 2010

Just some thoughts

Okay, no pics of my friend.  She asked me not to post them on FaceBook (feeling she wants to be more private than that), and so i make the assumption she means my blog as well.   We've had a lovely visit and it has been delightful to have her.  I'm sorry that it is (probably) over now.  (She's been having some car trouble, and her visit might be extended, but for her sake, i hope not.  Too stressful for her.)

We've begun our "weird week."  Duane spent over an hour at the DMV today updating his driver's license that would have expired next Monday.  He has a lot of work to be done and will be in OC until Sunday, now.  I get to go home on Thursday, but have to go back to OC on Saturday.  But once we are home (Sunday) we will stay for almost 2 weeks, except for Christmas Eve that we will spend with Duane's family.  

I've decided i must be rather grumpy.  We got our tree up on Friday (that anniversary) as planned.  But there are some changes i want to make - the base of the tree needs to be cut some as it is too tall for the star; it needs fewer lights; it needs to be moved about a foot to the right (too accessible to cats who want to chew on it where it is at).  In general, i want to take it down for a "do over."  I don't know if i will or not.  

I've mentioned that we are sort of "mentoring" N's kids, and as such, we have been planning to get them some (rather small) Christmas gifts.  Socks, lip balm, some toys or games, some candy.  Nothing overwhelming.  But the family is going thru major financial crisis and i'm a bit discouraged.  We can't "fix" things for them.  The small things we are planning feel like trying to put out a blazing fire with an eye dropper.  Hopefully we can make some small difference for these kids, but . . . i don't know what i was going to say.  (And, i find that there are so many things i'd love to get for the 8 YO girl, i could really spoil her!  The boys are a bit more difficult, particularly the 12 YO.  So, i need balance!)

Just adding some pics, 'cause i hate too many posts without them.  But these are old pics (most of our snow is melted now; it has been an unusually warm December).  I thought Duane had put the camera cord in the camera bag, but it is not there, so i can't load the pics in the camera.  Yeah, i was a bit grumpy about that, too.  What is up with me???  I hate feeling grumpy.

I recently had this message/comment left on one of my older posts:  i am a professional designer, perhaps you would like to use some of my pictures?  i guess it would be neat and fit on your page :-) absolutely like your page!  write me an email please in case you want to see my pictures

Okay, but this was posted anonymously!  I can't write them, even if i wanted to!  

I don't understand these comments.  I'm getting quite a few (caught in a moderator trap), including the bizarre one i posted in comments a week or so back:  I give birth to interpret a few of the articles on your website in the present circumstances, and I unqualifiedly like your fashionableness of blogging. I added it to my favorites trap period list and disposition be checking promote soon. Cheer repress into public notice my site as ok and leave to me know what you think. Thanks.

Obviously this is spam of some kind, but what is the point when they don't give a link and post anonymously?  I don't understand why, at all.

Don't think i've much more to say.  Brain fog is settling in!

Oh, except, thank you all for leaving comments.  I've not been very good at responding recently, but i so appreciate each and every on.  One of these days i'll get back on track and respond better!  :)



That corgi :) said...

I love mentoring; I bet you are enjoying your time doing it. I'm thinking time spent with them and simple little remembrances are probablly good things to do.

I've been blessed and haven't really had too many 'weird' comments. I don't like comment moderation, although I can respect people who choose to do it. What I do is comment moderate on posts two weeks older or more as that is where I see more spam than on recent ones and then I delete them and not have them publish.

I think sometimes this time of year is a hard time not to be grumpy. Put on some good praise music or Christmas music and sing along with might help!


lisa said...

I know how you feel. I have those periods of being grumpy! I can't blame it on PMS either ;)

Amrita said...

Gla d you r friend came by an dyou are spening time with Nina' s kids.

I like your photos. You take good shots.

This evening some carol singers came to our house and I have some photos of them.

Mali said...

Remember that whatever you do, whilst it won't solve the big things for the family you're helping, sometimes the little things are just as important. Showing that you care and you're there, is huge.

PS I love the photo of the squirrel in the snow. We don't get either here.