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19 February 2011

Sunny, snowy Saturday

No, we didn't get quite this much snow, but our trees are frosted.  I just cleared about 4 inches of wet snow off half of our 30 foot driveway.  I'll let Duane do the rest this afternoon.  He is off the hill for a SAR meeting and should be back mid-afternoon.  The hardest part of shoveling was the berm (what the snowplow throws up along the side of the road including in front of our driveway).  It was 9-12 inches of heavy, wet, packed snow.  

Here is what Duane did with our sketch.  He has a program that smooths out the bumpy rough edges that i left.  I've not ordered the stamp yet, but i have uploaded it and am ready to do so.  I wanted to order it 3x3 (inches) but i think that is a bit too big for many of my cards.  The next option is 2x2, which seems a little small to me, but those are my choices. 

I know i've not been writing much and i have plenty to say, but i'm pretty exhausted from shoveling, so i'll keep this short.  Duane and i were both sick this week, but strangely, with different things.  He had a cold and a couple of days later i had just a sore throat and a lot of weakness.  I took a lot of olive leaf extract because someone i know swears it cures her colds.  I can't know what would have happened had i not taken it, of course, but the sore throat passed pretty quickly.  

Right now the sky is blue, but the temp is 25F with wind chill.  This is suppose to be the break in the storm with more coming.  Someone told me yesterday that we are suppose to have 7 days of storm.  The weather service doesn't say that, and it is hard for me to imagine that here because storms normally pass quickly and we are left with the beautiful (if chilly) weather like we have today.  Guess we will see.

I've so much to do in the house, but i think i've worn myself out.  I'll try to do some.  :)

What do you have planned for your weekend?  Did you do anything fun for Valentine's Day?



lisa said...

I am so lucky to have a retired neighbor that has been coming over and plowing me out. With the hubby gone and the tractors not working sometimes, I am glad to not have to worry about it. We are getting snow now and very high winds. We have warnings out for today and tonight. I quess that is winter for you. You deserve the rest of the day off and take it easy. I have never heard of olive leaf before, where do you get it?

Dawn said...

Feel better soon-that is a lot of wet snow to shovel!
Love the sketch-it is so both of you! It just makes me smile:)

donna said...

I love when you post pics of Big beautiful. I miss the mountains of Colorado....

Amrita said...

I 've been going to revival meeting since Thurs, tonight I will go again. Its morning service at church.

The weather is very pleasant here

Mali said...

That's such a beautiful photo. It's really hard to imagine that you're in the midst of all that snow, when I've already had coffee on one side of the harbour this morning, sitting outside a new cafe I've found, and then lunch sitting by the sea on the other side of the harbour, glorying in the warmth and worried about sunburn!

Kathryn said...

Hi Lisa - it is a good thing to have a neighbor like that! :)

I've a feeling your driveway and road is far more extensive than our little driveway.

I'll write on olive leaf in my next post.

Thank you, Dawn. I smile at our sketch, too. :)

Hi Donna - for some reason, my blog reader hasn't been notifying me of your posts.

Big Bear is a bit like Colorado. I think it id drier here than there or in Montana, but it does look similar.

Hello, Amrita. I'm glad you are enjoying your revival meetings. And your pleasant weather. I know that doesn't last very long where you are, you summers are so hot!

Hi, Mali. Thanks. It is hard to think of the other side of the world and cold weather when your own is so gorgeous. :) Enjoy your weather, but don't burn!