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06 May 2011

Life on the mountain

Life feels a bit too mundane to say much right now.   Of course, that has never stopped me from talking before.  ;)

The cats have been silly.  We enjoy watching them.  I've been knitting quite a lot.  I need to be moving on to sewing projects, soon.

The heat down the hill is bothering me more than i remember from other years.  I'm always thankful to get home to cooler temps on Thursdays.  The mint i planted last week hasn't done well with our lows in the 20s, but i'm hoping it will hang on and come back around.  If not, i'll replant later.  The inside plants are doing fair, some well, others not so much.  But still, it is a better start than i've made before.  The onions outside are growing well.  There is still some snow on the mountains, but it is melting off.  The last day of skiing was the day before Easter, 2 weeks ago.

We are now driving the "summer car" - the Honda Fit.  It gets better gas mileage than Duane's Subaru.  I think if we are driving the summer car, we should have summer sheets on, too.  Duane thinks summer sheets are only for about 8 weeks, from mid-June thru mid-August, and then only under protest.  

Mac needs to be shaved of lumps - Jazz, too, actually.  I think it is finally warm enough.  Today, sitting in the living room was the first time this year i've not gotten chilled. 

I'm very tired.  Olivia was here today.  We tried to do chicken pot pies, they turned out okay.  I think the filling was fine, but the gluten-free recipe i used for the pie crust was so-so.  The blog where i found the recipe raved about it, and i have to say it stuck together better than what i've done before.  BUT it called for a full cup of white rice flour.  By experience i know that this tends to make the whatever very gritty.  I cut that by half and made the other half cup quinoa, but even so it was still too grainy and next time it gets only a tablespoon or so of the stuff.  I'll find a better flour instead. 

I've been re-reading the Harry Potter books and then watching the respective movie afterward.  Not sure that is the best plan.   Even tho the movies are well done, i get bored with them.  The first two did a pretty good job of sticking to the story line and dialogue without cutting too much.  After that the books are too large and complicated and i noticed a number of changes. 

 I tend to develop allergies to products easily.  Even my expensive shampoos from the health food store are bothering me.  I've been looking into alternatives (using baking soda, using egg, vinegar, or Dr. Bronners, etc.)  So far i've not had much luck.  

Lots of "re-used" pics here as i've not much room left at Picsaweb.

That's the every day, low down, nitty gritty here.  So, how are things in your part of the world?



Anonymous said...

Hi Kathryn, glad the weather is turning warm for you. Just a hello and to say I am up and about in blogland again.

kare said...

Hello Kathryn, Thank you for encouraging me! i love your pictures.
You might try 'Kiss-my-face' olive oil soap...or 'Purely Natural' glycerine soap...they're a bit strange but no bad reactions for me... Hubby has to stay out of the sun when using the Glycerine though:( not easy here in the desert. Cider vinegar is good hair conditioner as is Beer;>
Happy Spring and good growing to You!!
Hugs & *Buzz's

Lisa said...

I knew if anyone would understand the garbage I've gone through with my health, it would be you! Thanks for the suggestions, I will do some research on the Vitamin D! (And sometimes "mundane" is ok, huh?!)
Virtual Hugs!

Kathryn said...

Hi Calvin/LGS - so glad to see you back. Thanks for stopping by. :)

Hi Kare - thanks for the suggestions, i'll keep them in mind. I've been a liquid soap person for years now, but recently have switched back to bar soap, at least some of the time. I love Dr. Bronner's almond/hemp bar (so far anyway) but i'm not impressed with what it did with my hair yesterday. Sigh.

I'd forgotten about beer. Wonder what Duane would think of me using his Coors Light? LOL I've got lots of vodka (someone recommended it for making pie crust, we don't like it). Wonder how that would work?

Lisa, i'm so sorry you've been struggling and i hope you feel better soon. You're right, mundane isn't bad. Sometimes i feel kind of stupid babbling on about nothing, tho. :) Hugs back!