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13 May 2011


Sunday night it rained and Monday morning we woke to a hard frost.  I was worried about our apple blossoms, but they seemed fine when i checked later in the day.  Monday afternoon it snowed off and on, but didn't stick.  Tuesday morning we woke to about 3/4 of an inch of snow.  I worried about the apple blossoms, but there was nothing i could do.   

(Pic is from two years ago, haven't gotten any this year, yet.)

When we got home yesterday, i went to check on them.  They seem fine.  And just as excitingly, i saw a couple of bees working them.  Nothing will happen without the bees to pollinate them. 

We still could lose them.  I read somewhere recently that BB gets an average of 2 inches of snow in May.  But i hope this is past.  My outdoor onions are doing quite well.

Duane left this morning about 3.30 to go out with Search and Rescue.  He has a test tomorrow for fitness or something.  And again on Sunday SAR is off doing something.  Monday evening he has his regular meeting.  And Tuesday afternoon/evening is a SAR fundraiser at the pizza place in The Village.  

So he's going to be off busy.  Don't think that i'm complaining!  I doubt i'm going to feel up to doing much and so i'm glad that he'll be occupied.  :)


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