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14 July 2011

Please forgive me . . .

For this short post and that i've not been replying to your lovely and kind comments.  I have meant to.

This has been such a busy week, and i've company coming tomorrow afternoon thru Sunday about noon.  I've extra company (that i'd not planned to have) coming for just the day Saturday, but they've not seen our house yet, so i need to get caught up on so many things!

I'm days behind in blog reading, and will be farther behind yet.  Sigh.  But i generally do catch up eventually.  

Hope you all are well and please know i appreciate so much everyone who takes the time to comment.  

BTW, our lows this week have been in the 30s (F).  Monday night/Tuesday AM the low was 32!  In the middle of July!  Such a surprise.  Oh, and i've maintained my weight loss for 2 weeks now.  The doctor's scale weighed me only 1/4 pound higher than i was 2 weeks ago, so i'm content with that.



lisa said...

30's!!! WoW, I won't know what that feels like for awhile and I have to say I am glad ;) Good for you on the weight loss! I have been trying to exercise more just so I feel less tired and it takes a lot to do that. Summer is such a busy season that I sure understand with not reading blogs. I get behind in just doing my posts and now that the desktop is in the shop getting fixed I can only post without pictures and sure realize then how bad my writing skills are. Hopefully that improves when I go to school this fall! You take care and enjoy the summer months!

Amrita said...

Take care Kath. I read about the HCG diet in yesterday 's newspaper. I am fascinated by it.

Anonymous said...

Hurray for you on your diet progress.