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11 March 2012


How can the year be passing so quickly?

I’ve been struggling with a number of things that i haven’t wanted to record. 

But i’ve been doing a lot of other things, too.  I’ve been working on a lace scarf of which i’m very proud.  It is knit on size 0 needles and took 778 rows to complete.  I’m now working on a tam to match.  I’ll post pics of it at a later date.

I’ve been reading.

Right now i’m going thru Harry Potter again, but have also been reading Wheat Belly by Dr. William Davis and The Mood Cure by Julia Ross. 

Duane and i have been listening to Wheat Belly during our commute to OC every week.  However, as much as i believe in the book, i have to warn anyone that it tends to be very technical/scientific.  We like it quite a lot, but i feel limited in the folks to whom i would recommend.  Of course, reading it is easier to skim that listening to it read. 

We wrote Dr. Davis about the difficulty and suggested he write a simpler companion book.  We also suggested a different title, as the folks we've recommended to read the book seem to be a bit offended with the title.  He wrote back a very nice reply and finished with:   

" . . . I hear you on the simplified version. A Wheat Belly for Dummies? Hmmm. Two insults in one!"  

We enjoyed this very much.  :)

The Mood Cure is excellent, too. I’ve been blessed to not have to deal with depression issues (beyond “normal” daily life type things) for many years.  The pull out of depression began when i changed my diet.  But this book deals with much more.  She goes into amino acids that help and her clinic uses and has found most people do not need drugs if they get the right supplements and healthy diet.  I have to say that i’ve read a number of health/diet books over the years.  Most are excellent, but i only agree with 80-90% of their recommendation.  Ms. Ross’ book is the first that i’ve read where i think the diet recommendations are right on target.     

I’ve also found a doctor/clinic i think i can work with.  I’m not very hopeful that i will actually improve, but it is a relief to at least have a resource to use.  I have been using their nutritionist and doing the hCG diet again, but i’m finding this round much, much harder.  I’d hoped doing the diet with a nutritionist to make it a bit easier, but that hasn’t really worked out so well.

So, in a nutshell, that is a bit of what i’ve been doing.  I’ve also been thinking a lot about memories and will probably be writing about some of them. 


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David Edward said...

i am glad you are still working on solutions - and will be praying for your overall,total health and recovery, Our God is awesome and mighty to save.